Our First Cat.


I have three awesome cats. Their names are Ivy, Rascal, and Acorn. After years and years of asking, our dad finally let us get a cat. We found a person- lets call her Mary, who had two cats she was fostering and we thought that they sounded like the perfect match for us and our family. So we went and visited them. The two cats names were Mariah and Mr.Honey. Mr.Honey was a very nice cat, but the moment we saw the other kitty, sweet and fluffy and all black with some white on her belly,  we knew she was the one. We didn’t know if our dad would like her, since he wanted the cat we got to catch mice and this kitty was so chubby it was a miracle that she could even roll on her back at all. But we got her anyways. And after lots of debating, we decided to call her Ivy because of her beautiful  green eyes. Her middle name is Thursday because we got her on a Thursday and her birthday is on a Thursday too! We still have her today and she is still as happy and cuddly as ever!

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