Drama By Raina Telgemeier

Drama is a book about a girl who joins the backstage crew in her school. She soon learns that all the drama isn’t just on stage. When two twins decide to join and the popular group gets mixed in, things get a little crazy.  This book is a graphic novel and if you like smile or sisters, this is a great book for you.Can she stand all the DRAMA? Read drama by Raina Telgemeier to find out.

-P.S.- Hey guys! This is  my first book recommendation on this blog so far! Yay! I hope see many more to come in the future.

Valentine’s Day Pros and Cons

Today is Valentine’s Day and we all know that there can be a lot of emotions that come with  it. There are people that go all out for their friends and  special someones and are happy and just want to tell everyone how not alone they are. There are other people where Valentine’s Day is the worst. To them, it’s just full of high expectations and disappointments. They probably don’t have a lot of people to spend that day.I feel like Valentine’s Day can be fun and stuff, but some people can end up feeling left out.

-P.S.-Whats your fave holiday?


I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. There is not anything that interests me very much at all. whenever we talk about what we want to be or at least a rough outline, I still have pretty much nothing to say. I wonder if throughout high school or even in middle school I’ll find some thing that I might want to do for the rest of my life. My dad actually asked me this question and when I told him I had no clue, he listed off names of maybe interesting jobs for me.  A dietitian, a teacher, or some sort of fancy name for somebody who studies horses(?). I still am clueless and now I’m just stressed and frustrated that I’m not going to be prepared and know what to do. Ms. Haseltine says to follow your our path and do the things that you are passionate about. I’m not Passionate about anything really accept that I don’t want to be lost. I’m passionate about getting want I want and need and working for it, but, I have a problem. I don’t know what I want. How can I go on my path if  I don’t know what my path is? I know I have a long way to go, But I can’t help but be stressed about this. When something is bad or wrong in my life I go and work at it so it can be fixed. I can’t really fix this right now. And it’s making me stressed it’s kind of building up and I have to deal with it. Until the day that I have it all figured out, I’ll be waiting for revelation.

-P.S.-This was done very late.


I’m in Ms. Haseltine’s class and I don’t have a book and I’m bored. Do you like this font color? I’m tired. in P.E. we played volleyball and kickball today. So I’m all sore. I have history next. well, at least I’ll have lunch in that block. I feel like this is going to be along day. I don’t even have anything good for lunch and I just wrote the post about Chinese food. Man, I could really go for some orange and crispy chicken right about now. Also, I hope it’s acceptable to not make any of this post flow. what are some ideas of what you want me to blog? Thanks,

-P.S.- This was a lazy blog post.

My Favorite Food.


Chinese food.


Hey guys, its P.S. and if you have read my all about me page or my first blog post, you know that I love Chinese food. Sometimes we make it for dinner and what is prepared is: ling-lings(potstickers), rice, orange sauce, popcorn chicken and sometimes crispies, which are egg roll wrappers fried by themselves with sauce. It’s so good!!!! I also like going out to eat Chinese food to places like Pei Wei, Sakura Japan(I also like Japanese food and they are very similar so I put that place in here), and I totally forgot one of the places I really love! They serve takeout and have smiley faces on their bags that say thank you. What is that place? Well, they have really good crispy chicken. And orange sauce with their rice and chicken. And also the chicken and rice is super yummy. Now I’m really hungry.

-P.S.- what’s your favorite food?

Waking up with 5 Siblings.

What it’s like to live with 5 siblings.


I feel like this is going to be a requested post, and my friend has already suggested  it, so here it is. I also feel like there is not a lot to say, because it’s been like this for most of my life, so it’s all I’m used to. When I wake up, which is usually when my mom turns on the light at 6:10, I share a bathroom with my younger sister Chloe and Tally. Chloe sleeps in the same room as me, and Tally sleeps on a bunk bed with my younger sister  Penny. Her toothbrush is in our bathroom, and that’s where all the supplies are to do their hair in  the morning, which is done by my mom. They also take baths in here. It is also a jack and jill bathroom, which means it connects to 2 bedrooms. My brother uses this bathroom, but is not there in the mornings because he goes to seminary, which is at my church. This is the same with my sister, but I wouldn’t see her until I get downstairs. And that’s is just part 1 of me waking up. I still have to go downstairs  and make sure they eat and don’t forget anything for school, then I can blog on my laptop and enjoy the silence for 30 minutes and then my older brother and sister come home and they eat and do homework, then at 8:05 I leave. Now I’m at school. and I do more work. so that’s my morning routine right now.

-P.S.- When do you wake up? 

Acorn and Rascal



Heys guys, it’s P.S. The story of Acorn, our cat, and Rascal is an interesting one. A couple years ago, my dad suprised Lily, my older sister with a kitten. She named her Acorn because of the way she looked when she slept. She curled up in a little ball and had the color of an acorn, light tan, so it was fitting. Acorn was a very playful and lovable kitten. The reason my dad got her is because she was so friendly. We got her in the winter, and in the spring, we noticed that she was getting a little chubby. She was getting a lot more vocal, but we didn’t think much of that either. Then, one day, in the fall, my mom told me there was a suprise outside. I thought it was the witch she bought off craigslist(my mom goes all out on halloween decorations and gets very excited about them). But she lead the little girls (the 3 youngest girls in my family) and I down to our chicken coop and inside we found Acorn laying down in one of the nesting boxes with a tiny fluffy orange thing laying next to her. At first I thought is it a mouse? But then looked closer and realized it was a kitten! Our kitten had a kitten and we couldn’t even tell she was pregnent! We were kind of scared he wouldn’t survive, but after a week, we slowly noticed him getting healthier.


-P.S.- I’ll make a part 2 on the little baby  Acorn had!



I’m frustrated. Yesterday we had a snow day but there wasn’t any snow. Again. All the snow days we had there was barely enough snow to do anything and its freezing outside! I feel like mother nature needs to decide if she’s actually going to make it snow, or if shes going to warm things up. The groundhog said more winter, so she should hurry up. The walkway to my front door is frozen and slippery and I’m lucky I didn’t slip and fall while hurrying to the bus this morning. All I’m saying is that at the beginning of winter, the weather people were all like, “ Oh yeah, there’s going to be lots of snow this year.” So, when’s that going to happen? All I’m sayin’ is that you all should wear your pajamas inside out and flush ice cubes down the toilet so we can go do fun winter activities. I love sledding, it’s by far my fave. What’s your favorite winter activity?

Our First Cat.


I have three awesome cats. Their names are Ivy, Rascal, and Acorn. After years and years of asking, our dad finally let us get a cat. We found a person- lets call her Mary, who had two cats she was fostering and we thought that they sounded like the perfect match for us and our family. So we went and visited them. The two cats names were Mariah and Mr.Honey. Mr.Honey was a very nice cat, but the moment we saw the other kitty, sweet and fluffy and all black with some white on her belly,  we knew she was the one. We didn’t know if our dad would like her, since he wanted the cat we got to catch mice and this kitty was so chubby it was a miracle that she could even roll on her back at all. But we got her anyways. And after lots of debating, we decided to call her Ivy because of her beautiful  green eyes. Her middle name is Thursday because we got her on a Thursday and her birthday is on a Thursday too! We still have her today and she is still as happy and cuddly as ever!

Welcome to my Blog!

Welcome to my Blog!

Hello! Welcome to my first blog post with many more to come. I will be posting all kinds of things like random stuff about my cats and family to book recommendations. I welcome you to give me ideas and suggestions for my blog and it’s content. A small piece about me: I love chinese food and my cats. I live with my crazy family of eight. I have four sisters and a brother. We love animals, and trying some crazy projects such as building a zipline. I also love, love, love to read! That’s why I’ll share many good books with you in hopes you can find some you love as much as I do!