Waiting as the seconds tick by

Tapping on my desk

Staring at the clock

Willing it hands to speed up

Everything is blurry

Numbing sitting



And suddenly everything is clear

I grab my stuff

Jump out the door

In all the commotion

I say one thing:


Jobs #25

Jobs are fun

Jobs give responsibility

Jobs make me feel successful

Jobs are the key to live

Jobs give order

Jobs put on pressure

Jobs give me worth

Jobs make me feel like I fit in

Jobs are hard

Jobs are easy

Jobs are nothin’

Jobs make me feel queasy

Jobs can be anything you want them to.

Theodore Roosevelt #22

He was a writer

Was a fighter

So he won by a landslide

Born a sickly child

But that didn’t make his ideas mild

He helped his good friend

To be president

Asthma was what his condition was called

When Wilson kept out of the war in germany he was appalled

He was the 25th president of the united states

And in the top 5 is what he was rated