Busch Gardens

Yesterday, we went to Busch Gardens. Busch Gardens is an amusement park in Williamsburg, Virginia. We woke up at 6:15 AM because it’s far. Our family friends came with us, it was my dad, my friend’s dad, my friend, me, my friend’s brother, my brother, and my cousin. We were all in one car packed together, we went by a 8 seater car and there were seven of us. My dad, my friend’s dad were in the front. Me and my friend were in the middle, and my brother, my friend’s brother and my cousin were in the back. My mom and my friend’s mom weren’t going because they had work. We left at 7 in the morning and picked my friend’s family up. It was a little over three hour car ride, my friend brought a ball so we started tossing it to each other. I read for 30 minutes or so and then we just talked and played on our phones. We stopped at McDonald’s which was 20 minutes away from our destination and we got some hash browns. Busch Gardens is divided into the countries of Europe which I think is pretty cool, you can also park in the countries. We parked in Italy, after you park you get on a car and it takes you to the entrance. The first ride that we went on was The Loch Ness Monster with my friend. My friend is short so she couldn’t go on many of the rides that we did. We went to the Griffon which was, I think the best ride there. We did the Griffon two times and then we went to the Alpengeist which my friend couldn’t go to. We went to Tempesto and that ride went forward and then backward. There was a small ride called The Trade Wind which just went around and around faster. There was a teacup one and I got so dizzy after that, I felt like throwing up, it was called Turkish Delight. We went on the fastest ride there called the Apollo’s Chariot. We went to a tower called Mach Tower and that was scary, it takes you up and then it drops really fast. When you were up it kept you there for a while, I was stretching my legs when it dropped so that was SCARY. We went to this swing ride and my cousin was holding the back of my swing so, that ride was called Der Wirbelwind. The Battering Ram was the next ride, it was a boat that rocked back and forth. We went to The Flying Machine next and that just went around and around. Last but not least we went to the Da Vinci’s Cradle. When we were walking back to the entrance there was a ride that involved water and it splashed you. We didn’t do the ride but there was a splash zone, if you want to get wet you are supposed to stand there. I stood there and I got soaking wet. They had a dryer so I just stood there waiting to get dried. We went to the parking lot and then we played Atlas which we basically named places. I fell asleep on the way back. It was a little trip.


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  1. Wonderous_Dreamer at |

    Wow that sounds like a lot of fun! I have always wanted to go to Busch Gardens, but I have never gotten to. You made it sound really fun.

  2. Sunaina at |

    Wow Nikki! You are such a wonderful writer along with a good dancer.I am glad I came to know your this part of your personality too.Keep posting new things and your experience here so that all of us know more about you.


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