The Case

Today I decided to do something different, I am going to share a story out instead. I am excited, I wrote this story during 2017 Halloween at home because I was really bored. So here it goes:


The Case


“Aaaah!!!” It all started when I was assigned the case of the murder. I’m a girl who loves to solve mysteries, my name is Nikki. A few days ago I got a call from my boss. My friend Isabella was about to take the case but unexpectedly got a fever. My boss asked me if I wanted to take the case. I had to say yes otherwise there would be consequences. So now here I am facing these consequences. Right at this moment I’m only happy that my best friends, Tara and Emma are with me. Tara, Emma, and I go way back, we have known each other ever since elementary school.

Anyway, where was I, right, our assignment was to figure out who the murderer was. The murder had happened in a abandoned school that was old for more then three decades! The day we were investigating clues four our case something weird happened.

We heard something clatter, but it was just us in the school. Tara announced, “Hey guys I’m going to go check out what that sound was.” “No!” Emma and I yelled at the same time. The next thing you know is that Tara is briskly walking towards the sound. Emma and I tried to keep up. She stopped so we could catch up.

Once we reached to the end of the hallway and turned around. The next thing we know is that we’re being chased by a zombie. “Aaaah!” we all screamed. We entered a classroom that was filled with dusty furniture. The zombie was at our door, I’ve only read about zombies in some sort of fiction story, I never knew they were real. I tried to think scientifically on how zombies could be real.
“What are you thinking about, come and help us Nikki.” Emma remarked. “Sorry”, I said. I quickly ran over to them and helped them push the door. We held the door for a good 10 minutes, once I thought everything was clear I enunciated, “I’m pretty sure that the zombie is gone.” I opened the door and immediately saw Isabella dressed as the zombie. “Boo!” she said. “I thought you were sick”, I declared. “Well… if pulling off a prank is called being sick then I’ll take it.” She commented. We all started giggling. “We still have a case to crack”, Tara said.

“Why don’t we all take a day off?” Emma pronounced. “I’m in”, Tara quickly replied. “So am I”, Isabella commented. “What are you waiting for?”, I asked. That was a one of a kind day.

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