Hi, it’s Leo!

Hi! I am so excited that I am blogging! If you guys don’t know me, I am Leo, Pen Lover’s dog. I kind of stole her laptop and I have been wanting to blog ever since I knew that Pen Lover had a blog. Let me tell you about myself because I am awesome. My name is Leo, I am 6 years old. Pen Lover adopted me when I was 2 months old. My favorite color is red, even though I am almost color blind,  (all dogs are, in case you don’t know) I still like red. My 2 favorite foods are cheerios and cucumbers, I have more then two but I am going to limit it to 2. I am so tired, I think I see someone outside, wait for a second. *bark, bark, bark. Okay, I think I scared them away. Yesterday, was a nightmare, we went to Pen Lover’s cousins’ house and they have another dog and she’s like 12. She’s always so grumpy, I wanted to play with her and she just started growling at me. RUDE! She almost bit me, I was really scared. I think that she needs to play, eat, and sleep. Like I do. Anyway I think I should stop blogging because Pen Lover is coming back. I will try to blog tomorrow as well. Bye!

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