My pen obsession!

You all must be wondering how I got my name, Pen Lover. This year I found out that I really LOVE pens. In English class we can write with anything we want as long as it doesn’t bleed through the paper. In the beginning of the year my English teacher had an entire bucket of gel pens. I used the gel pens for the first quarter and then my friend The Writer got some flair pens from her house, I used the flair pens a lot! Flair pens are awesome they are so smooth to write with. Last Christmas I asked for a 20 pack of Flair pens, they are AWESOME! The colors are so pretty, I only use those pens, sometimes when I forget my Flair pens I use the gel pens but most of the time I use my Flair pens. I had a hard time making a name for myself in this blog but then I thought, what do I want people to know me of… pens! That’s how I got my name Pen Lover. Also be sure to check out The Writer’s blog:

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  1. The Writer at |

    Yes pens are awesome! Got to love those flair pens though! They are the perfect pens for writing. I could totally relate to this post.


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