Spring Festival

Tomorrow I have a piano recital. It’s called Spring Festival, I play two songs from a list of songs that is approved and then I have to play those songs. I am playing Roses in Twilight by Carolyn C. Setliff and Gospel Flair by Manfred Schmitz. Roses in Twilight is a soft song that reminds me of old memories. Gospel Flair is a jazz song, it’s really upbeat which I like. I don’t exactly know which one I like more, both of them are special in their own way. I am nervous about the Spring Festival. I think they are going to be judges judging your pieces and I always get uptight when it comes to playing in front of people. Hopefully I will do well. Wish me good luck!

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  1. TheRandomDude at |

    I LOVE playing the piano, it’s really fun playing beautiful pieces and listening to the sound. How long have you been playing the piano?

  2. Donald Harvey at |

    Here’s something interesting: compare Gospel Flair to one of the songs in the Russian version of Mary Poppins. Go to 00:30 in https://youtu.be/KW2su6ggsuI


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