School Lunch

School lunch is not my favorite. Two things that I don’t like about school lunch, first of all the timing, we barely have any time to eat lunch because they let us out five minutes early. Second of all, the lunch itself, they don’t have that many good healthy choices. I am always disappointed because I barely have time to talk to my friends and finish my lunch. I wish that they had like grade lunches, like sixth grade has lunch together then seventh grade and finally eighth grade. I don’t have lunch with most of my friends because we have different lunches. What do you think about school lunch?

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  1. Wonderous_Dreamer at |

    I definitely agree, I hate school lunches they always let us out early and I don’t always get to eat lunch with my friends.

  2. AAA at |

    I agree! The food choices aren’t always the best.

  3. SATVIK_the_BALLER at |

    I don’t like that we have literally no time during lunches to talk to friends and eat. I like your idea of the whole 6th grade having lunch together but most of my time is wasted in the buyer line because I buy everyday and the lines are longer with the whole 6th grade at lunch.

  4. The Writer at |

    School lunch is truly a tricky thing. Of course it’s upsetting when your lunch is short and you can’t even spend the time with your friends. I feel you, but you just have to push through and eat your lunch.


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