I am so sad, I finished my book “Prodigy”. It’s the second in the legend trilogy, it was really sad at the end. Today it is really windy so we don’t have school, I finished my book and now I don’t have another book to read because my books are in my locker in school. I need to read “A Wrinkle in Time” because the movie is coming out and I need to read the book before I watch the movie. I read the book in third grade but that was a long time ago and I forgot about it. If you want any book recommendations I am your person, I read a lot of books. I definitely recommend the “Legend” trilogy, even though I am only on the second book I know that the last book has to be good because the first and second books were amazing. Reading is awesome!

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    I completely agree with you, books are life! If you want a really good book trilogy, read the morality doctrine series. It might be confusing at first but I would recommend it to anyone who likes reading.


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