My Dog Got Injured!

I have a dog named Leo, he is a pomeranian and a bichon mix. Something terrible happened to him. My dad was trimming his hair and he is really hyper so he moved, my dad at that time was cutting his tail. Since he moved my dad accidentally cut the tip of his tail. Leo’s tail wouldn’t stop bleeding, my parents rushed to the vet. They were trying to stop the flow of the blood, but it just wasn’t stopping. Where we went the doctor wasn’t available, they told us to go to another hospital. I was at home the entire day, my parents were the ones that went to the vet. The doctor said that not only is he going to get stitches but Leo also needs to get a surgery. The tip of his tail got cut off and his bone was exposed, but the bone that was exposed was one of the many bones dogs’ have on their tails. The doctor said that the bone that is exposed will not allow the wound to heal, so they had to remove the bone and then put the stitches. Leo is back home, and his tail will heal in about 2 weeks. I was really worried about him, I really don’t know what I would do without him. I love Leo very much.

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  1. Wonderous_Dreamer at |

    I am so sorry about your dog I hope he feels better and heals soon.

  2. Mrs Sokolowski at |

    I’m so sorry about Leo! That is awful. I hope he is feeling better. My daughter loves Pomeranians and we follow the dog Boo on Facebook who is a short haired Pomeranian. I know they are very fluffy.

  3. That Asian Kid at |

    I’m so sorry. I hope Leo is feeling better now!


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