My Valentine’s Day!

Hello! Happy belated Valentine’s Day! I have no idea if that’s what you say the day after Valentine’s Day. My Valentine’s Day was good. I am going to tell you about my day on Valentine’s. In the morning I was sad that my dad is going to work, but he was the one who picked me up from the bus stop. At my school, people are buying things called Candy Grams for their friends. A candy gram is basically a note with a piece of candy attached to it. My best friend bought me one. In return I wrote a Thank You/ Happy Valentine’s Day card for her. When I came home my mom had a surprise waiting in my room. The surprise was two chocolates and a really, cozy sweatshirt like thing ( I am not really sure what you call it ). At 7:40 pm I had to rush to a basketball game, it was the playoffs. We lost the game but I think we played well. Two of my teammates got injured, it was really bad, the team we played was getting physical. Since we lost the game we are out of the season. I was really tired when I came home because I played the entire game, I fell asleep immediately. That was pretty much my Valentine’s Day.

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    I am sorry you lost your basketball game, but I am sure you did good, I hope you had a great valentines day!


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