Welcome to Pen Lover’s blog: A Journey as a Writer. This is my first post and this blog will be about many different things. I am very excited to have my very own blog. I am a 6th grader at a middle school in Virginia and I love reading. My favorite book is The Honest Truth or Out of My Mind and my favorite book series is The Land of Stories. As you can tell from my “name” I LOVE pens. I play basketball, I am on a league for the county that I live in. I also play piano and I dance. This would be my 6th year playing piano and my this is my 9th year dancing. You are probably wondering: WOW NINE YEARS! But really all those 9 years I was jumping around in which style of dance, currently I am doing Bollywood dance. There is much more about me and I could go on and on but then you would really be tired of reading a lot about me so I am going to stop right here. I really hope that you enjoyed my first blog post.

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