I Got a Second Floor!

My oh my I have a second floor!

One day I was sleeping and I thought I heard a door!

I was really shook and was tired too

but then I was scooped up felt like they said boo!

I was put in my favorite little box and sat there going WHAT?

I I saw my cage getting drilled and I just sat on my butt.

A little while later I got older with my age,

but finally it was time to put me in my cage.

I scurried to the little stairs and I sure was very frightened,

but I slowly got up and I was very delighted.

Meet Berry

This. Is Berry. Berry is my new brother and he is the most obnoxious hamster I have ever met. Just look at him.  I heard that he was nibbling my parents. Oh that little rascal, unlike me, an angel and the favorite. He took my old cage, but I’m in a so much more better cage now. He is always awake when he’s supposed to be asleep, (he disturbs my beauty sleep a lot),  and he has this little bald spot near his nose, it’s so weird. If Berry and I are outside our cage at the same time, I get tense and fluffier than usual.