I Got a Second Floor!

My oh my I have a second floor!

One day I was sleeping and I thought I heard a door!

I was really shook and was tired too

but then I was scooped up felt like they said boo!

I was put in my favorite little box and sat there going WHAT?

I I saw my cage getting drilled and I just sat on my butt.

A little while later I got older with my age,

but finally it was time to put me in my cage.

I scurried to the little stairs and I sure was very frightened,

but I slowly got up and I was very delighted.

Meet Berry

This. Is Berry. Berry is my new brother and he is the most obnoxious hamster I have ever met. Just look at him.  I heard that he was nibbling my parents. Oh that little rascal, unlike me, an angel and the favorite. He took my old cage, but I’m in a so much more better cage now. He is always awake when he’s supposed to be asleep, (he disturbs my beauty sleep a lot),  and he has this little bald spot near his nose, it’s so weird. If Berry and I are outside our cage at the same time, I get tense and fluffier than usual.

New Things Are Happening!!!

Oh my gosh I have so many thing to talk about! I have a new chew toy, I’m gonna have a new cage,and I met someone new, but I have bad news, I’m about to be a big brother.

Let me start explaining the good news. My moms bought me some apple chew toys and covered one of them with a little bit of peanut butter, dogs aren’t the only animal that likes peanut butter you know. (I really enjoyed it by the way.) For my cage thing, it’s gonna be bigger AND better, I’m so ready for it! And, I met my grand…aunt? Yeah, that sounds about right. She very nice by the way.

Now to the bad news. Yes, I’m gonna be a big brother, (it’s a boy by the way), and no, it’s not the greatest news. Us hamsters tend to be territorial, which means we get mean when it’s about territory, which is why we are having separate cages. He’s not gonna be that cool as me, but I’ll try and teach him.

A Little Problem

I have a little problem, yesterday my mom moved some of my stuff like my saucer, (it acts like a running wheel), and it started to wobble. It wobbles here, it wobbles there, it wobbles EVERYWHERE. I literally fly off of it. How am I supposed to get my exercise? Not because I’m fat, it’s because, uh, I like running! People like to do that, right? It also makes this annoying rattle sound when I run on it. It’s just horrible. Sometimes, when it gets too stressful, I just take a long nap.