A List of WORDS that I DISLIKE:😠😠😠

Orange- I hate oranges & It doesn’t rhyme with anything. 😤

Average- No one is an “average human”.😬

Skirts- I don’t like wearing skirts!😦

racist- Isn’t everyone equal?😐

Simple- I like Exciting topics!!😋

Fine- Just say yes!😡

Good- What about great?😩

Broken- When ever something is broken it is not a good thing!😒

Hate- Why not just ” strongly dislike” something!?!😣

Alright- In books when they say they are alright, they are not!😧

Square- I like circles better.😬

Dark- I am scared of it!😡

Rush- I like to take my time!😯

That is my list!

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