The Cereal Killer

A horrible crime happened yesterday And the person to solve it was me I had to drive to the crime scene to find some clues And make the criminal an arrestee Then I looked around the crime scene Which was at a restaurant When I suddenly found something I actually found the thing I want […]

Dying in Fortnite

Everyone is making poems about Fortnite, so I guess I decided to try making one too…   Me and my squad never agree where to land around That’s why we always die the moment we land on the ground We usually each land in different places and to get to each other we have to […]

Beach Paranoia

School is now done, I’m going to the beach, and I got all my knowledge Now that school’s over, what if I forget everything I learned I’ll forget everything at he beach, and not go to college I think I’m being just being too scared, but what if at the beach I get sunburned   And […]

Sally the Sea Monster

I live all alone and bored down here in the Bermuda Triangle Mostly because my only job is waiting for a ship to strangle Most of my days I just sleep and watch T.V. because my job is really boring Sometimes out on the shore you can almost hear my snoring All I can do […]

A Poem About School

*DISCLAIMER* This poem is for a poetry challenge throughout April. School is where we sadly have to go everyday Work for seven hours Waiting every moment of the day to bell to ring By the end of the day you are feeling sour   Although school is where you go to learn And get lots […]


*DISCLAIMER* This poem is for a poetry challenge throughout April. Food. There’s food for every mood Some food is bad some food is good Use manners when you eat, don’t be rude When eating in school, you can’t wear a hood Sit down while you eat, it would be weird if you stood I felt […]

The Golden Tickets

Today we have a play later during school. Not everyone can go to the play though, because the auditorium is not big enough for everyone to fit in. The way they chose how people got to go was that if you got a golden ticket, you were allowed to go to the play. I really […]

One Season Ends, Another Begins

Remember the Torture Sport? My track season has finally ended (Yes, I actually survived). I made it through the season barely, and I’m so happy that it’s done. My piggy feet would hurt so much every evening after practice, that I could barely make it to the car. No more! No more torture for the […]

Spooder Pig’s Long Lost Cousin

Yesterday I was scrolling through the channels on the T.V., when I noticed one channel. I scrolled back up to that channel to see. I couldn’t believe what I saw, my relative that I didn’t even know I had, has a T.V. channel about her life. I had to congratulate her, because she’s still my […]

Spooder Pig And The Vulture

Last evening my mom told me to go get eggs from the grocery store. I bought the eggs and walked out of the store. All of a sudden, a fairly large bird swooped down at me. I ducked down so the bird wouldn’t hit me. It looked like it was trying to get my eggs. […]

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