how much my notebook means to me

my notebook means everything to me I can do anything I want in it at any time. I can write  my emotions I can write what I had for breakfast

Warriors beat the Spurs

The warriors beat the spurs in the game 3 and know have a 3 game advantage against them. This means we will have a higher chance of making it to


people are laughing people are crying people are smiling people are mad this are all emotions all different like jelly beans some are good some are bad these are emotions

the vending machine

Another Fortnite update. I can not believe it why in the heck would they add a vending machine, that when you give the machine 500 metal you can get a

Spring break

I am so excited for tomorrow why you might be thinking because it is officially the first day of spring break.But the hard part is to pick what I am


Today was the a sad day of my life. Why you may ask is because today was the walkout and if you don’t know what it is that is fine

The Grind

Yesterday I was working towards the the dark voyager but I was to lazy. So I decided to buy the reaper and if you do not know what that is

warriors blazers

probably the most interesting game of my life. warriors vs Blazers.but unfortunately we don’t have curry on our team because of his tweaked ankle.He has had a lot of ankle

Valentine’s Day!

Today is Valentine’s day and every one is excited. Everyone was asking about candy grams.Like the whole school except for me I don’t really care about valentine’s day it is

Super Bowl

Yesterday me and my family were watching the super bowl. Of course me and my family are die hard Patriots so it was hard to watch because the pats lost

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