Houselyvania #4

”What else are we gonna rob.” asked Gerald “ I know.” “Huh” we should rob a bank.” Said Scott “ A bank?” “A bank.” “But how?!?” “We just walk in from the back.” “That plan might actually……suck.” Said Gerald. “What!?!” “The plan sucks!” “What else are we supposed to do!” Scott shouted,” you have a month, one month do you think we can just steal from gas station for a month, you are not even close to getting Houselyvania.” “I say we do it.” Said Gerald, “it’s our best bet.” “No we can rob smaller things.” Said Billy in a voice like if you don’t stop I will punch you in da face. “Fine but don’t be crying when you get kicked out.” “Ok time to rob a house.”

To Be Continued…..

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