Houselyvania #3

Billy made a plan. He was gonna rob a gas station called “Who passed Gas.” Billy hated that gas station. So he decided to rob that one first. So it took him a couple days to make a plan. Then he made a mask. And asked a couple friends to help him. Then the robbery started. 

Day 9

Gerald (Billy’s friend) walked up to the gas station and asked the cash register guy “ hey you got any slurpees.” “ uhhh lemme check.” So the cash register guy goes into the back Billy sneak in then puts tape onto the camera then they start to steel money. 

2 minuets later

” No I’m sorry we don’t hav-“ “oh he’s gone.” Said the cash register guy.

When Billy and Gerald got back to Billy’s house they collected 250$ “ Dang that is nowhere close to what we need.” “Yep.” Said bob(Billy’s other friend) “we need like 20 billion more.” “What else are we gonna rob.”

To Be Continued……..

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