Roses are red

violets are blue

you play Fortnite

i play it too


Chicken nuggets

don’t want in a bucket

Chicken nuggets

full of meat

good to eat

breaded meat for me to eat


it my plan A

yummy fries

its my kryptonite

The End


“Fortnite” song by Bart

I wanna be the very best that no one ever was(except ninja)

I want to get the fame to win is my cause

Fortnite got to kill em all

Got To get Victory, it’s my destiny


I want to get the scar and get #1 (beats)

I knew when I installed it winning would be my cause


got to kill em all


got to kill em all

I will win, its my destiny



copyright pokemon theme song @1996



Hi I’m bart I’m taking a break from Houselyvania and stories because I think it’s starting to get boring. So I will probably like do memes or my life. So bye for now…. 

Houselyvania #6

Then something happened….

The house Billy and his friends were robbing a person just came home from work. “Oh no.” Billy whispered as the guy walked in. The guy walked upstairs. But then Billy remembered Scott was upstairs. “Let’s leave him.” Said Billy. Billy and Gerald ran out of the house. Billy looked back as he heard “what are u doing here young man I’m calling the cops.” Billy and Gerald got there bikes and hid in the woods. They watched as Scott went into the po-pos car. Then they rode off. “We lost one person in our crew.” “Don’t worry I think I have an idea.”

To Be Continued…….

Houselyvania #5

”Time to rob a house.” “A house which house.” We’ll rob people from snobby shores, because they are rich over there so we will probably get 350-450$.” “Ok what’s the plan.”  

-epic planning montage-

Day 17:

“ ok does everyone know the plan.” “Yes” Said Gerald and   Scott. They all rode bikes to snobby shores. “Okay we should go for that house.” They all climbed up the house and broke into a window they all walked around found money. Then they went on to the next house. Every thing was going fine until something happened.

To Be Continued…….

suspense ha ha ha ha

Houselyvania #4

”What else are we gonna rob.” asked Gerald “ I know.” “Huh” we should rob a bank.” Said Scott “ A bank?” “A bank.” “But how?!?” “We just walk in from the back.” “That plan might actually……suck.” Said Gerald. “What!?!” “The plan sucks!” “What else are we supposed to do!” Scott shouted,” you have a month, one month do you think we can just steal from gas station for a month, you are not even close to getting Houselyvania.” “I say we do it.” Said Gerald, “it’s our best bet.” “No we can rob smaller things.” Said Billy in a voice like if you don’t stop I will punch you in da face. “Fine but don’t be crying when you get kicked out.” “Ok time to rob a house.”

To Be Continued…..

Houselyvania #3

Billy made a plan. He was gonna rob a gas station called “Who passed Gas.” Billy hated that gas station. So he decided to rob that one first. So it took him a couple days to make a plan. Then he made a mask. And asked a couple friends to help him. Then the robbery started. 

Day 9

Gerald (Billy’s friend) walked up to the gas station and asked the cash register guy “ hey you got any slurpees.” “ uhhh lemme check.” So the cash register guy goes into the back Billy sneak in then puts tape onto the camera then they start to steel money. 

2 minuets later

” No I’m sorry we don’t hav-“ “oh he’s gone.” Said the cash register guy.

When Billy and Gerald got back to Billy’s house they collected 250$ “ Dang that is nowhere close to what we need.” “Yep.” Said bob(Billy’s other friend) “we need like 20 billion more.” “What else are we gonna rob.”

To Be Continued……..


Previously on Houselyvania……

Houselyvania is the biggest house in the world. Everyone is talking about the house. Only millionaires can buy this. But billy had a plan.

Chapter 2: Billy’s plan

It was an ordinary day in the town of ulalalalalullakkdkdkdkkxjbhvhhguhijikjnj city. Billy was a normal kid who didn’t have a lot of money probably like a couple bucks in his pocket. His mom died when he was six because she had heart disease. So it was just Billy and his dad every day Billy’s dad cried to sleep. When Billy turned 12 he snapped he went to his dads room and said “ dad you need to snap out of it mom died 6 years ago and you still cry you need to stop and be a man.” Then Billy’s dad got so mad he said “you have a month to get out of this house.” Billy was shocked, like really shocked. His dad just kicked him out of his house. When Billy went back into his room he had a plan. He would rob banks to get money to get the Houselyvania. He thought about it all night. Then he made up his mind. 

To be Continued…….

Story time


Once upon a time. There was the legendary mansion, everybody wanted to live in the house but it was 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 about a number I haven’t learned yet. And the only people to go in it is Trumpdemort and Bill Gates. They only lived in it for 2 months because the taxes were so high it was 10,000,000 for one month. People heard that it had 6 pools and it was as big as the tallest building in the world sideways so it’s like 100,000,000,000 square ft. And every one called Houseelvania because it is probably as big as it. But one kid named Billy wanted that house. Billy lived in a regular house and he had enough of the same 3 story houses. He wanted more. He heard people talking about the biggest building. So he made a plan

To Be Continued……..