We have trudged through the entire challenge. The SOL or SOC challenge is complete! And thank you for the FOURTEEN COMMENTS that I got from JUST THE SOL OR SOC CHALLENGE! So today if you are reading this I will give you your prize. I will read YOUR SOL’s! (I’m pretty sure I am the only one doing the Slice of Cake challenge) All that you have to do to have me read yours is to comment your blog name and I will read it. I already read some of them but just in case!

But some of you don’t have blogs or aren’t doing the SOL challenge, I have a prize for you, comment about you least favorite thing in the world, I will make a post about all of them. You can choose either prize that suits you. But anyway, time to get down to business. This is another post about The Terrarian. (ALREADY) So let’s start:

Previously on The Terrarian: Mission Purification:

I crawled out of the pool too see what looked like an ore. I pulled out my pickaxe to mine it giving me the riches. I saw what looked like diamonds but I saw what looked like diamonds but with a huge drop down a cave. I dug out the gem after building a bridge out of dirt. As I turned around I saw a pile of bones that weren’t there before. I tried to go around it but it smacked me. I realized that it was alive and if I didn’t clear it fast he knock me into what I am going to call death cave. I tried to shoot him but it slider past his rib cage and pierced the cave wall. I knew it was going to be a dumb idea but I didn’t know why.

And now:

So I did what anyone would do. I pulled out my silver sword and swung my blade at him. He was falling off the dirt bridge. But he reached out his hand, and hit me off. I was falling like in the corruption. I’m not usually lucky enough to survive 2 falls but I landed into cobwebs as thick as my rope. I quickly grabbed 35 of the sticky string until I caught a glimpse of a chest. I crept towards it in fear of an alien. I was right about the alien but I had no idea it would be a giant spider. It was creeping towards me at a reasonably fast speed. I looked up, no way of getting there without a tool, so I took a peek at the chest. Inside was basic materials and some sort of spider grappling hook. I aimed it at the hole on the ceiling and the web slinger grappled me to safety. I grappled up to the top but found an alien hideout area. I shot my web slinger after noting how you can shoot eight webs at a time. I climbed in to find a golden chest like in the old game Fortnite. I opened it up to find a mirror. I looked in the mirror but that somehow drowned me in particles. I teleported to the familiar forest that Luke and I built the house. I was in shock. The magic mirror can teleport me home. I walked back to make the 23 beds. After being wide awake for 2 days strait, Luke and I slept for the rest of the day.

I woke up to a flaming house. I ran over to Luke’s room, but I saw him dead on the floor. It was the same with Frank. I walked around the house trying to stop the fire but I got distracted by the sudden storm. I looked at the grass and saw the mix of purple and red. I was somehow in the crimson and corruption at the same time. I was thinking about how it spread so rapidly, but right then the sky started swirling. Boom! Lightning stroke and Cthulhu emerged from the sky. “Hello Henry.” Cthulhu whispered. “You have the title of the last human in history.” I picked up somethings bone and used it as a sword, but Cthulhu still wasn’t done. He spread his hands to reveal 5 planets. He then added captions. Earth, Mars, Neptune, 4546B, and Terraria. All the planets humans lived. “My friends finished off all life forms, but now all the worlds are purple and red. But I just need a small favor.” Cthulhu said. I was instantly attacked by the monsters of the two biomes while Cthulhu walked away laughing. “By the way,” Cthulhu laughed. “Knock knock knock!” I woke up out of my bed to hear someone knocking at the door. Luke came to ask me if I found any life crystals in the cave. I remembered that I got stronger, so I told Luke. “That got you from 100% to 120% and you got the third colonist!” He said in excitement. I felt like I was breezing through my mission. I haven’t killed any masters yet but I have three colonists on day three! We made another bedroom to the house after meeting Katelyn the nurse. Since I don’t want to live on this planet I asked Luke who is next. He told me about Tabnit. The person who can sell dye. The way to find him is simply finding a strange plant. The only thing I need to worry about are crimterra, huge spiders, and red screaming zombie things. I put on my silver armor and set out to find shiny plants. I continues strait east until the landscape got a shade of red dropped on the planet. I plunged my foot in the red grass, spraying blood up to my armor. I noticed a cactus in the distance leading me to the conclusion that I was in what used to be a desert. It was quite warm so I took off my armor. I would die of heatstroke if I left it on. I trudged through the sand, trying to find the strange plant, until I encountered a red screaming zombie thing. I dug my sword strait through him like I did with the zombies on my first night. Once he fell over I found a weird cave. Stone was above the surface, forming a mountain of the crimson rocks. I couldn’t get distracted. I saw some more caves but they were just holes in the sand like on earth’s deserts. Eventually, I escaped the desert. Leading into a crimson forest. I saw another rock hill and fought off some more enemies that lurk the crimson. I was walking along until I saw the biome the plant would likely be in, the jungle. Once I jumped in I was attacked by bats. I only found them slightly stronger than any floating eye. After more walking, and a stronger variant of a slime. I found the plant, but it was guarded. I ran up to the creature, sword in the air, and snap! The creature snatched me. He was pulling me towards him, getting ready to eat me. I aimed my gun at the creatures tongue and shot it. He was stunned. I pulled out my sword and cut the vine. Snap! It broke in half. I reached out and grabbed the plant. I looked ahead and saw perfectly good crimsonized land to explore. I went through the mess of the crimsonized biomes to a crimsonized beach, looking out to the rest of the planet, red ocean. I then noticed I was not alone. There was a run down house. And through the window I saw a colonist. He was just staring at the red shade of the ocean. I knocked onto his crimsonized door. “Hello” I yelled. “What, I told Beta to tell everyone to leave me at this beach so they would never smell me again. Cthulhu crimsonized my beach and nobody seemed to care.” He angrily said. “Can you just let me in, I am in clear view of all the crimterra.” Yeah sure but only for a minute.” So I cracked open the door to find the colonist. “My name is Jey, and your name is…” Said Jey. “I’m Eric.” I responded with. “Great, now what do you want.” He asked. I told him all about Mission Purification and all about ho I can save his beach. “I see, in a few days I will come to your house.” I was happy with that plan. I took a peek at my mirror and went right back to my room. “Did you find the plant?” Luke asked. I lifted he plant in the air. “Great, next you need to go to one of the beaches to find Jey-“ “I know, I found him, he said he will come around Sunday.” I interrupted. “Then next you need to find Annabel, she is usually tied up in a spiders nest underground.” He told me. “Great, I found one yesterday.” I said “I’ll just find another life crystal and I’ll rescue her.” I left to go to death cave to find another life crystal. After safely grappling down to the bottom, I dug another tunnel down into the planet. After two hours of digging and a super long rope I hit marble. I kept digging through the marble until I found a marble cave. I jumped in the cave searching for the life crystals. Lucky enough, I found two on the marble surface. I was walking towards the the crystals until an armored stepped in front of them. It threw it’s golden spear at my chest, making me wince in pain. I shot the alien, over and over again. Until he fell flat on the floor. I quickly grasped the crystals and locked my eyes on the mirror. I went straight to Katelyn. I gave her three silver coins so she could heal me. Thankfully, since it’s 6007, any type of doctor can heal you 8n seconds. The only thing left was a gaping hole in my armor. It was pretty much the same as going without a shirt. I walked to the furnace and anvil, using the ore from yesterday to make a piece of platinum armor. I lifted the life crystals in the air putting me at 160%. I made my way down to the spiders nest. I looked around for Annabel. After a minute of exploration, I found her seconds from being eaten. “Hey!” I shouted. The massive, Halloween looking creature paused for a second to look over. I pulled out my musket and shot him. After a few more shots he was continuing to charge. He raised one of his eight legs to stab me but my piece of platinum armor stopped him. I pulled out my sword and my web slinger. I sliced the leg at the wall and sliced the spider in half. Once I was in front of Annabel I told her to look in the mirror. When we both did, I thought Annabel and I both went to the house but only I did. I was looking for Annabel for 10 minutes until I asked Luke. “She went to her house.” He told me. “Wait what? There are other houses on the planet?” I was surprised. “The only reason we abandoned it was because the corruption spread across it. Then I saw you fight the green slime.” He said. “And the magic mirror takes you to your spawn point or your bed, and her bed was in her house.” “So now I need to find her again.” I said. “Yup, she is probably still bound in the corruption.” Luke told me. “If so, then I better go!” I quickly said. I ran down the stairs, bashed through the front door, and started running for the corruption. I was barely missing the huge holes in the ground. While I was running, I heard something digging faster than I could run. Soon I found out what it was. I saw a huge rotten worm pop up in front of me. I pulled out my gun. It grabbed my by my silver greaves. I was lifted in the air then back down into the rot. Once he was done playing, he lifted me half a kilometer up in the air.

That is the final part of the challenge. I still can’t believe we completed it! But remember, there is no downside to video games!



So, in millions and billions of years, my blog will be famous. All the butterflies will be decoding all of the posts after the aliens gave them intelligence. And if they decode this one and also are considering bringing computers back in style, they might think of me as a role model. They will also learn how amazing Terraria and Fortnite is but let’s stick to the first one.

So, for you butterflies who want to be a blogger, you have to hear what it’s like. It usually goes something like this:

I need to write my SOL for the day! (Or my SOC) So I go to my iPad (That is where I write all my posts nowadays, my computer is being mean to me) to write. I brainstorm ideas about my topic. “Do I want to talk about Fortnite? Wait no, how about I write about the massive fish flopping around on my yard!” So I choose the most bizarre or most meaningful thing to me. I come up with a creative title.

I write my post in my google docs and copy the entire thing. After a few days of loading, I have an entire post ready. I choose the category (Mostly SOL) and press the big blue button. Then I instantly get millions of comments. (Only if I post about The Terrarian though, that is the only place I get comments from people other than TheRandomDude (You get shoutouts for commenting? Maybe I should do it more often! (; ) )

But here is my perspective on posting:

Sometimes time consuming, but also cool. I mean, you are on the internet! (Word Count: 13 words)

But remember, there is no downside to video games!




I went on a plane and left there is no downside to video games. (Word Count: 14 words)

Yeah, even if I make this post twice as long as my other posts, It will still look small compared to yesterday’s. (It was 1500 something) I bet 45% of the millions of viewers (In my dreams) didn’t even read through the entire thing.

So I can’t just say blah blah blah over and over again to make it longer so let’s get into the last post about the vacation.

Time to go home. Nothing to worry about because I have the power of airplane life hacks. I learned from part one that somehow if you look out the window it is safer. WRONG! I peeked out the window to see that we were practically leaving the earth’s atmosphere.

It was such an “amazing” experience. We soon made it to Chicago to get to the last stop. We ordered food at a restaurant (There is no way I am going to share the name of the restaurant) and soon we got on our flight. As you can tell I was excited. We hopped on and that evening we landed at our final airport. We got off the plane and got on the final vehicle. A TAXI! We eventually got home, the first thing I did was jump on TERRARIA, (I missed it) but I also thought about how we completed our 6 parts at the airport, a RV, (Or an, try saying them both next to RV)a campsite, an ACTIVE VOLCANO, (Yellowstone) a town MILES AWAY FROM MY CITY, and another airport. I was home from all of that. Now time to start something new, like TERRARIA WITH DERPUS!

And that means… There is no downside to video games!



It is here. Part I of the book I am writing! I have succeeded the challenge in the challenge. I made the first part of the book before March ends, but that would mean it would be a part of the SOL challenge, and a story isn’t really a “slice of life.” But what if I were to tell you that it is a book I put time and effort into writing, it is part of my life, and If it is not; I quit the challenge! I would do my own challenge. It is called the SOC challenge. (The slice of cake challenge)

So for the first entry of the slice of cake challenge, I will put down the first 10 pages of my book to make the LONGEST POST EVER! Since you all are probably screaming for me to start so it isn’t 9000 words long, I will start.

Space colonization started back 4000 years ago when we tried to colonize mars, but I never thought I would be involved in it. There was a god that visited earth 1300 years ago and created evil. In California he planted corruption, and in South Africa he planted crimson. He was sent to the distant planet terraria to stop the spreading. But there were 22 colonists there, one from each state in east America. That is where I come in. My job is to end the god, Cthulhu, with the tools they had in store for me. I got a sword made out of copper with the name of a short sword, a pickaxe also made out of copper, and an axe, again made out of copper. We loaded my bag of mostly food that would last someone a decade and I got in the rocket ship. I heard the T-10 to the T-1 and we went faster than any roller coaster. The trip should usually take 10 minutes but we reached it in nine. I looked through the window and saw a planet covered in water but with a strip of land covered in red and purple. “Wait, is that supposed to be a jungle and snow biome?” I asked in concern. “Sigh, at least there is still a patch of green.” Responded the captain. We landed in the center of the patch of green where I got off. It was getting late so I decided to build shelter. I started to chomp down nearby trees but I was approached by an alien. At first glance it looked passive, but it jumped up at me and took some dammange. So I pulled out my sword and tried to stab it, but somehow gravity didn’t let me use my sword to stab it. It just went straight forward and over it. I couldn’t actually use my sword. But instantly an arrow an arrow flew by a tree and hit the creature. I looked towards it and saw someone who looked human. I walked by it and it surprisingly said hello. It could speak English? I was so surprised. He asked me who I was so I told him. “Eric Gestar, but how do you speak English? Are you one of the colonists?” He looked surprised. “Are you the 23rd colonists? The 20th always predicted there would be a 23rd.” “Wait who? And I guess you could put it like that.” I responded with. “Oh, the 20th was kind of that weird wizard type guy.” Was his answer. “And which one are you” I asked. He responded with saying he is the first. I couldn’t believe it! I’ve found the first colonist! Now I only have 21 left to find then I can kill Cthulhu and go back to earth with a 5th habitable planet! Soon I got back to work. By nightfall we had a house with three rooms. A living room and two bedrooms. But there were two problems. It was too dark, and we had no beds! I heard a knock on my door. “Come in, Wait what’s your name?” I said. “Luke, and I might be able to solve some of the problems.” He responded. “Oh okay!” I said. “For one, you can make a bed with 15 wood and 15 wood and 5 silk at a sawmill, and you can make torches with gel and wood. He responded with. “How do you know this much?” I asked. “The 21 others call me the guide.” Luke said while shrugging. “If you know so much,” I said “how do you find the next colonist?” Then, he quickly said “50 silver, you need 50 silver.” After a few more questions and three torches, I figured out that you need 100 copper to get one silver, and then to gold and platinum. You get coins by fishing them off dead monsters. Also, if you make a different sword, gravity won’t affect it. So I used my leftover wood to make a new sword and armor while I was at it. Then i went alien hunting. I realized at night there are zombies and floating eyes everywhere. I was practically running through them my new sword was so effective. Until the world got darker and rotten. I then noticed I was entering the corruption. Once I stepped into the purple, my foot plunged down onto the rotten dirt. I kept going until I saw a ditch. I looked down it and it appeared to go down forever. I heard a weird sound, causing me to turn around. There was a rotten creature, causing me to fall down the hole. I was falling, knowing death would be at the bottom. But then SPLASH! I fell into a somewhat deep pool of water. I saw a chest at the bottom of the pool. I opened it up and found flippers, bombs, and bars. I picked them up but clumsily dropped the bomb exploding into a cave. I was about to walk away until I saw a shiney bulb in the hole. I got closer to it because I heard it calling me. I smashed it open and it exploded into a gun. I picked it up in shock. I double checked the chest and saw I forgot some rope. I also picked up the chest for extra storage. I used the rope to climb up the ditch and saw I survived my first night.

I was walking back to the house but I saw Luke and someone else working on it. “Oh, is this the Eric you were talking about, Luke?” “Yup, that’s him. Responded Luke. I asked his name and he said he was called Frank, The Merchant, or number two. So I checked and saw I gathered 50 silver. “If your the merchant, can I buy something?” I looked at my bars and ordered an anvil. It cost me most of my money but I was able to update my armor and sword to silver. But then I remembered “Uh, Luke.” I asked. “Yeah, please don’t get lost, where did you even go?” He asked. “I went to the corruption. What even are those flying things?” I asked. There called an eater of souls, and in the crimson they are called crimterra.” He responded “But I don’t think that was you original question.” I told him I needed 23 beds. So he gave me a list. First I crafted loads of stuff, but then I had to go underground. I needed 35 cobwebs, then I would be done. So I sharpened my copper pickaxe and started digging down. Soon, I plunged my pickaxe into the ground and saw what looked like an underwater lake. I jumped inside to check for cobwebs, but instead saw some sort of crystal. I picked it up and noticed it was in the shape of a heart. I lifted it in the air thinking “yes! If I bring this back to earth I’ll get rich! But right then it disappeared. I was bummed until I realized what I did. I felt stronger. Like I went from 100% to 120%. I jotted that down in my mental notes as heart crystals. I looked up to continue the rope tunnel with the ropes I bought but I saw something shiny in the distance. I crawled out of the pool too see what looked like an ore. I pulled out my pickaxe to mine it giving me the riches. I saw what looked like diamonds but I saw what looked like diamonds but with a huge drop down a cave. I dug out the gem after building a bridge out of dirt. As I turned around I saw a pile of bones that weren’t there before. I tried to go around it but it smacked me. I realized that it was alive and if I didn’t clear it fast he knock me into what I am going to call death cave. I tried to shoot him but it slider past his rib cage and pierced the cave wall. I knew it was going to be a dumb idea but I didn’t know why.

And that is all I am going to give you today. I hope you read through it all! But remember, there is no downside to video games!



Remember that time you were on break once and it was one week of pure boredom? If you remember back to February I said memes are what I scroll through if I am SUPER BORED? That is currently what is happening. We are the only family not going anywhere during the break AND nothing interesting is going on. The only exciting thing is I managed to get ONE KILL on Fortnite. (Yay I am the worst at the game)

I also did a TON of Game Theory and Film Theory. I really am looking forward to Easter because

It would give me something to do.
It is on April fools day so I bet SOMEONE is going to get a dyed rotten egg with there name on it.

That is my current update on the break. But remember, there is no downside to video games!


We were driving away from Yellowstone. I never got to see the thing I wanted but we would go back some time. I was playing a fidget spinner game I got last night because PVZ 2 Far Future Day 32 was SUPER HARD! When I got home I even used an old gift card to buy the most OP Plant in the game! After 1 Trillion fidget spinner dollars we made it to the most fancy hotel that we stayed in the whole two week trip.

I forgot what it was called but I remember taking tons of pictures of the cheesy moon. (Like it ACTUALLY was YELLOW) it wasn’t much. Or it seems when it is 12:00 and you see flying Cheetos all around it. It the next morning we went to the pool. It wasn’t cold, the indoor pool and outdoor pool were connected, and it was perfect for Marco-Polo! I loved it! But all amazingness had to end, and the part II of amazingness began! I rode some sort of contraption up a mountain, we hiked a mountain with a fancy restaurant at the top, I got new shoes, (Remember how small my shoes were in Part III) and I went Bungee jumping! But remember, the week there ended, and there is no downside to video games!


On the 21st of march there was a HUGE snowstorm. Where I live a huge snowstorm is at most an inch of snow and we had about 2 INCHES! And for some reason, we got snow on the first day of spring and NO SNOW during the winter. It is weird. It is also somewhat-rare. This is the temperature of where I live during the winter:

Even last year they tried to take a week off from June last year to make up for ZERO SNOW DAYS!!! (If you read the entire 5th grade series, you would guess that they didn’t, and you would be right) But mom got a call and said that school is not existing tomorrow. It was cool because next week is SPRING BREAK and we would get a peak at the AMAZINGNESS OF NOT GOING TO SCHOOL FOR A WEEK! It also looks like an alien invasion outside because we NEVER get snow here.

In that image you see that there is no footsteps and we are missing out right? Well, my old elementary school had massive hills around it causing AWESOME SLEEDINGNESS! When Derpus and I came we also buried each other alive. (It was kind of scary since we had sleds covered with snow as our coffins) We were there for FOUR HOURS! Until we came home… TO PUSH THIS MASSIVE SNOWBALL IN THE SNOW! We did that until it was about 8739857934857 lbs. But remember, there is no downside to video games!


Yes! I woke up early enough! I can watch DanTDM play Subnautica before I go to school! I look and see I have to put on my ROCK PANTS!

It took me an hour of looking at them in… Ugh! I thought back at what I did wrong. I knew when I walked out of the House death would crawl out eof my pants and force me to eat broccoli to death. My mom STILL picks out my clothes, a TON of kids would like that but I am about to write the next Declaration of Independence. Oh yeah! That is what I am going to do right now!

That took out a ton of my time! But it is helpful! But back to the morning. The rest of my morning was fine but I missed the bus! I hate when the bus comes milliseconds before I do. (About a 3 or 4 millisecond difference) So i waddled home and got driven to school. (Dad gets credit and here it is: He is a good person and my brother should stop pretending to hate him) But after school is SPRING BREAK! And all through spring break I will be playing Fortnite, so that means… THERE IS NO DOWNSIDE TO VIDEO GAMES!


I had you waiting for a long time, but finally, part IV part II. YOU WILL FINALLY FINISH THE BLOG POST!

I mean, I can’t say FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY, over and over in a post so here is the actual thing: Ahh, the memories! Well, now time to make new ones. We trudged over to our weird huge motel type thing and went to sleep. KAPAM! I woke up to play PVZ 2! Once everyone woke up we went to the geyser Old Faithful.

We did this weird jr. ranger thing and I CRUSHED it and got the highest degree. (It was too easy) One time, we were driving our rented car (We traded in our RV at the village) And got a rented car. I forgot to mention we went to a different hotel at Yellowstone. (Not the super old inn. And I am sorry about the weird placement of this post) We saw other volcanic stuff while getting rotten egg vibes and eventually went to Jackson Hole. But that is for part V. So remember, there is no downside to video games!





I am riding faster than a dead chocolate (I make sense!) I see a mountain up ahead. “Don’t worry, I will change the thingy from two to one!” I said in confidence. So I did and I went up faster than a LIVING chocolate.

Just kidding! My bike thought it would be fun to fail on me and make my pedals stop. I was supposed to come home when the timer comes off and right then, ding ding ding! I had 5 minutes to ride home. On my bike I am pretty fast but walking with a 2846827462872 lb bike? It took me 45 minutes to get home. I was skimming on the farthest place away for it to happen so it was annoying.

I had to walk all the way home. I couldn’t call my dad because how was my bike going to fit in our minivan? It was so annoying! (I say that too much) I hope my bike will never fail me again. But remember, there is no downside to video games!