This is another post where I respond to your comments! I found out that I get about ten comments a month, so let’s get into the responding!

Sue OBrien: Happy Birthday Henry!!! XOXO Aunt Sue (WE DID IT, AGAIN)

Why thank you!

Wendy: As a new reader of your blog (because of the blog takeover), I do not understand the last line of all of your posts: “Remember there is no downside to video games.” Please explain. (I NEED COMMENTS)

It pretty much means there is nothing wrong with video games. I’m glad you asked!

Michelle Haseltine: I love your poem! (THE BLACKOUT POEM OF ALL BLACKOUT POEMS)

Thank you! I enjoyed making them so I might consider more blackout poems in the future.

Carolyn Cassar: Thank you Henry! Best birthday ever! (HAPPY BIRTHDAY)

Your welcome! It was pretty thoughtful.

Sue OBrien: I love your poem Henry. (HAPPY BIRTHDAY)

I’m glad you liked it!

Scott: WAE to go! This is The Blog of All Blogs! I love the run on sentence and can’t wait for more poems. (DE WAE)

I like the pun! But… the poems are over. ALL BUT THE FAT PERSON POEM!
Michelle Haseltine: But you promised!
Ok, and blackout poems.

TheRandomDude: what does twenty five:eighty two mean, It can’t be hour:minute because that only goes up to twenty four. (I NEED TO LEARN NEW POEMS!)

I was trying to make a joke because the clock only goes up to twelve. So it’s like looking onto your phone and seeing it is 100:3.1415926

TheRandomDude: I do have to admit, I have no idea what just happened. But hey, that’s poetry! (I NEED TO LEARN NEW POEMS)

Yeah, that is poetry!

Michelle Haseltine: You got me! Hahha! (I QUIT)

I honestly didn’t think anyone would fall for that.

But remember, there is no downside to commenting! And video games!


I just got through the slice of life challenge. I only got comments from TheRandomDude so I find no point in posting anymore. Enjoy your last post from me. I will delete this blog in a week. It shouldn’t even be called The Blog of All Blogs! There are so many better blogs than this. I also think it is boring. It’s Easter? That’s boring! I hope you all have a terrible Easter. All your blogs are horrible too! This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever done in my life.

I mean, if you were paying attention it is Easter. And this year Easter Is on APRIL FOOLS DAY! So all of that was a lie. Did I get you? Probably not. (:

So I hope you are having an amazing Easter and for the occasion I will start a new series that I promised to start in April it is called RESPONDING TO YOUR COMMENTS (My way of responding to them) so let’s get on with it! I will go from the most recent to the least recent. Let’s go!

TheRandomDude: Yay! Thanks for giving me a shoutout. I think I actually spend more time commenting on blogs than actually blogging for my own site. (HOW IT IS TO BLOG 900 TIMES A DAY)

Your welcome, I also gave you the shoutout on today’s post (I only got comments from TheRandomDude so I find no point in posting anymore)

TheRandomDude: I understand that your story is based upon terraria, but are you making your main antagonist C’thulu, C’thulu is a mythical creature but he’s not in terraria. If I had made it I would have made the main antagonist the moon lord, but you are the author of the story and you make the decisions. (THE SLICE OF CAKE CHALLENGE)

He might be in future updates though, but in case, he won’t be fought IN Terraria. (You are in for a surprise)

Keeka: I really like your book so far!!! (: (THE SLICE OF CAKE CHALLENGE)

Thank you, I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s part.

TheRandomDude: Don’t imagine you are the worst, I’m really good in overwatch which is another shooter game and I got to platinum, which is almost the cream of the crop, but now when I switch to fortnite I barely ever get killed, even when my aiming cross-hairs are on the enemy (THE BORING BREAK)

I am about to change your mind, my highest rating is 14th place. ): But I liked the comment. It can make anyone feel good about themselves.

Carolyn Cassar: I laughed so hard reading this! (BAD MORNING)

Good! That is my second main goal about the post. (My first main goal was to never have to wear pants that cavemen wore. (Rocks)

TheRandomDude: The king slime isn’t that useless, it really helped me take down the eye of cthulu when I was a nub, and the razor blade you get from fishron is the only way for a mage to beat the pillars. (Yes I have beaten them.) (SNEAK PREVIEW)

I only called them useless because you don’t need them to beat the main bosses and you can still beat the moon lord. (I also forgot to include Queen Bee in the useless list) And the pillars are HARD! The only way I beat them is because you don’t lose your progress in them, you also can simply put a nimbus cloud on them and they will shower them. (That is how I did it) and I still didn’t beat Duke Fishron. (I mean, I was doing multiplayer)

CARTER: lel [ Laugh extremely loudly ] I love how funny and creative this post is. Its very interesting 🙂 (HENRY [DERPUS] AN [IDK IF HE WANTS TO BE ON MY BLOG] VS MR. [PROFANITY] MAN)

I agree, it is very, interesting. Thank you for the compliment. (I also think [Profanity] Man would probably beat three third graders)

TheRandomDude: Did you know that you’re actually more likely to die in a car crash than die in a plane crash or even be in a plane crash? Anyway the farthest place I went from here (Besides India) was Montreal Canada or Cancun Mexico.(THE FARTHEST PLACE I EVER WENT FOR VACATION)

I know, I hear that and it somehow doesn’t help. (I think it’s because a plane crash is more devastating than a car crash)

TheRandomDude: I like the portal reference. (FIFTH GRADE PART IV, RECESS)

I knew someone would say something about that, I played Portal until the end on a Sunday. (Portal 2 on the other hand…)

SATVIK_the_BALLER: I feel bad for you! Fortnite is a really fun game! (LOSING LIFE)

It is! It’s not that bad though, you would get used to the strict pencil rules.

Ashley: Thanks for the shoutout! But do you know da wae? (POST FAILS)

(Note: I used to reply to comments until I did this so that is how she knows THE TRUTH)

Yes! I do know da wae!

Scott: There is no downside to video games! Great job Henry! (VERY INSANE LAUGHTER)

Yes, there is no downside to video games! (But it is not the end of the post yet)

CARTER: Yeah it’s kind of funny how rare it is to have someone comment on your post. But when someone does its pretty great. But 8 comments now that’s alot (THANK YOU)

I know, I usually I think of millions of things to say on a comment but nobody comments any of them. If they do comment they say something completely different than what I was expecting.

Ashley: I am very glad you know da wae. (POST FAILS)

(Note: This is the comment I responded to) Yes! I do know da wae!

CORNEY: I think that you’re exagerating a little bit when you talk about how long something is. But other than that, that looks pretty similar to my scedule. Except the going crazy for 10 minutes. Thats just, well, crazy! (THE DAILY ROUTINE)

It is crazy. But you do NOT know how long it actually takes. (:

Aaron: I like how you put in your middle school daily schedule. (THE DAILY ROUTINE)

I only put it there to fill in the gaps but I’m glad you liked it!

Mrs Sokolowski: This makes me think of the movie Groundhogs Day. It’s an old movie now but it was funny- Groundhog Day kept repeating again and again. It was like waking up and reliving the same day each day of your life. I hope this week brings some fun and excitement! (THE DAILY ROUTINE)

It does keep repeating again. And you were right! My cousin and grandma came that week. (It was a new experience)

Derpus: I like the idea of a list of stuff you like. Wait, I’M DERPUS! WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT??? (THANK YOU DERPUS)

That was a random comment. But I am glad you liked it.

ANSHU: Nice, I like minecraft too but terraria is free so I do prefer it a bit more but you have money like some people, I guess minecraft is better. (THE NEW TERRARIA)

It is the other way around. Minecraft on PE is free and Terraria cost money on all platforms.

Derpus: Actually, Terraria does cost money. It is $5 on the app store and $20 on the PC and Xbox One. Also, Terraria is worth more than Minecraft ’cause Terraria has good boss battles while Minecraft doesn’t.

You just said what I said. (I honestly didn’t take the opinion from him) And also people seem to play Terraria longer than Minecraft.

Michelle Haseltine: I don’t think you post too much! I like how you’re motivated to keep posting. I thought I was posting too much, but I’ve only posted twice. Are you playing video games while you blog? What do you mean by ” there is no downside to video games”? (DO I POST TOO MUCH?)

There is no downside to video games (Still not the end yet) means there is nothing wrong with video games. I also now realise that there is no such thing as posting too frequently!

So I responded to all my comments! Happy Easter! This is my third super long post! And there is no downside to video games! (Now it is the end)