Dang! TheRandomDude posted about the tornado before I did. Oh well, at least I got the silver medal. Now for the post:


I was writing The Terrarian. “Henry we need to go to swimming lessons!” I dragged myself to the car and slipped myself into my seat. We just got past the busy street (I will not tell you what it is called) and I heard beep beep beeps. If I brought my phone I would have known what it wasn’t tornado warning.

My parents refused to tell me until I found out at swimming. They didn’t tell me because I only just recovered from the tornado in 5th grade. It legendary scarred me. So I went in there and did swimming just like ‘normal’ until everyone screamed. “Everyone out!!!” Blasted through my ears. I swam out of the pool and went into the changing area. Derpus told me that he had nachos or something when he was at golf? I had to stand in a room with random people change for 20 minutes. They eventually let us out after the sky went from Batman colors to casual thunderstorm colors. I drove home like normal.




But remember, there is no downside to video games!


I have completely run out of content. I need ideas. I only have half a vote for the stories category. I might just do it anyway if I don’t get any votes by the 25th. The good news that I will give is that I am 100% back into The Terrarian. I will do the next post when I get to pg. 35 and I am on page 30. There is nothing interesting going on. Oh yeah! There was a three hour SOL today. I am going to talk about that.


We made it to school. I went to the gym just as normal. When they let us out of the holding area I went to my locker. I went to band as normal but I could only bring a book and a pencil. They did attendance and let me go to our testing area. My testing area was in Derpus’s history teachers room. She gave us the 5 hour lecture on how to open a laptop. We typed in our password which was as random as dudh8264hdhrheibd83647393837jdjdkdhfh8274837364. We started the reading SOL. I finished the test about two hours later. Giving me a FULL hour to read. I’m glad I got that time, without it I would never have known that Eryn and Nick are special people. But then we did the second half of the day normally. Then we went home and played Super Mario Odyssey. (Five stars to that game) The end of part one.




I also remembered there was a TORNADO at swimming yesterday. Another post! But remember, there is no downside to video games!


Among the Hidden, Among the Imposters, Among the Betrayed, that is all I read from the shadow children series. Just because I mentioned it I have to say the author. Haddix. (It says it right on the front of the cover)

But look at the book in the picture! That is not Among the Barons! Why don’t I just hop to the next book! I have an answer for you, remember this guy:




Go to his blog and ask him. He is currently reading Among the Betrayed and is not letting me read Among the Barons until he finish it. I want to just slap him across the face but I am a soft hamster. Respect Corney though and respect Luke Garner. Now for a summary of a series just because: The world is run by bad people and they said you can only have two children and if you don’t you get slaughtered. Luke Garner is a 1500th child (I mean 3rd) who is hidden. Read it now it is good.


-Henry 2018


But remember, there is no downside to video games!


∼…Then, Mr. Floss got up Mt. Floss. He flossed in excitement after defeating Mr. Moonwalk…


That could actually be some of a potential post.



December 13 8573


That is actually how I do my posts. I write the title in all caps and write the date under it.

There, now that we got that out of the way, let’s get into the post, I am introducing a new category, it is called STORIES. It is your decision though. Do you want me to tell stories of Mr. Floss and Fugumonkeyhappymcdonaldlickingmyelbowandiwantsaladfortherestofmylife man. It will be interesting. But I want to see answers if you want my stories. They will have time travel in them and stuff. But I am going to take the fat person Poem and continue it into the story if you want it. So I will introduce it if three people want it and nobody doesn’t, Be honest. But remember, there is no downside to video games!


It really is sad. At the end of the school year our blog will never have a new post again. I don’t like that. There must be a way to save this blog. I never use emojis during posts except if someone comments an emoji so here is a sad face. ): Now  pretend it is surrounded by a yellow circle. My blog will be canceled on June 6, one month from now. I am now going to cry in the corner.


Just kidding! We need ways to save my blog! Let’s brainstorm. Ok, this is what I came up with:


What we need:


A cardboard box

A fish bowl

A phone

A McDonalds

A needle

An impulse grenade



What you need to do:

Tie a cardboard box together with string

Then, put your phone in your pocket

After that, put on your fishbowl on your head

Next, tie balloons to your creation

You should fly to space

When you are hungry order McDonalds

You should fly into a wormhole

Now you are in the past

Use the needle to pop the balloons

You should fall to earth

Throw your impulse grenade

Now you use the phone to update your blog

There, just repeat that every time you get to June



There is no gravity in space

A fish bowl might not protect you

You probably won’t go through a wormhole

If there is space gravity you might not fall to earth

I don’t think 10 balloons will lift a McDonalds


So yeah, best plan in the world! Now I will ask Derpus about it.


“Our blogs won’t die in a month.”


He is right, they will go in 32 days. But remember, there is no downside to video games!


This is a true story, Keep in mind that we are noobs, and enjoy the show!


Ring! Yelled my iPad. Derpus was calling me. He asked if I wanted to play fortnite and said “No, I want to play McDonald’s role play” (Just kidding) I got on the server and got the squad ready. “Where we dropping boys!” I yelled over the mic. I didn’t listen to Derpus’s and his brother’s ideas because I knew we would land at tilted towers. (Yes, Dusty Depot sacrifices itself, now it is 50 times cooler)




We launched off the battle bus and landed on random buildings (Not together) I looted the house I was in. (Surprisingly, nobody was in the house even though we were in TILTED TOWERS) I heard a chest so I naturally went towards it. When I was right in front of the door I heard it get looted. I knew it was someone so I blasted through the door and attacked him. I shot him with a tactical a few times but it did nothing! I knew I was standing in front of a hacker. He threw sticky grenades at me but they did nothing. I then noticed I reunited with Derpus. We got out our farthest range gun and sniped from the balcony. We got 0 kills because the lack of noobier noobs running through the street. Eventually, someone sniped Derpus when he was crouching. Which he thought was insane.




We eventually abandoned the building and went to the one Derpus’s brother was in. But then we came in contact with someone with an… RPG! (Dun dun duuuun) Derpus’s brother was well out of the house. He was attacking the attacker. I was at 7 health with no shield or bandages so I was hiding behind an electric thing. The attacker I am going to call John Wick (I don’t know what skin it is and nobody has the Omega yet so I will call him John Wick) missed Derpus but hit me. I was on the floor. We still had hope. When Derpus was sniped I healed him so if he returned the favor I would have hope. But then they both died so I was left on the floor. The rest of the John squad came and finished me off. Then I knew to always land at Tilted Towers. THE END! But remember, there is no downside to video games!


There are 4 blogs I read. They are awesome blogs, I think they should have more people reading them. They are listed below










The blogs are really creative and should be more popular than Logan Paul. Derpus is my friend in real life and so is Corney, During March TheRandomDude was the only person who commented, and Bart is REALY funny. But there is one problem. They don’t post occasionally. Bart, Derpus, and Corney are good, but TheRandomDude hasn’t posted since April 13. I am not saying there blogs are bad I’m just saying they need more content. Derpus spent half a month without posting before and the other 3 took about that long sometimes too.

I will say this pi times


There blog is awesome

There blog is awesome

There blog is awesome



They just need to post more often. It might just be family issues or something but if they just forgot about there blog, I want there moms to read this and remind them that there is 7.4 billion people waiting for them to post. But remember, there blogs are awesome and there are no downside to video games!


I know on my page it said I will blog every day right? But I changed my mind. Blogging every day is overwhelming. I will edit my page after this post goes live. But the purpose of this post is about my outro: There is no downside to video games! I got a recommendation to write a post about my outro.

And it is 100% accurate. I am an example. I play video games all the time and I get straight As on my report card. (Not to brag) so it is confirmed that it doesn’t affect your grades unless you are addicted and are always thinking about it. Also, video games don’t affect your health. As long as you get exercise then it is the same as doing other activities inside.

But now for the thing you have been waiting for. The only downside to video games. Drum roll please… And the reason is… it is nine extra words to a blog post. That is it. Video games are the completely awesome unless of you get addicted. But I have to say, ever since I did the blog takeover post on sharing our notebooks, I have been getting a lot of comments on my outro. But remember, there is no downside to video games! And that is confirmed.


I know, we just had mom’s birthday, but now my birthday’s this week!?! Well, our birthdays are right next to each other. The next birthday is in July. So yay, it’s my birthday. But there is one thing I need to address, if you are 3892753065084365023497580943658924365436590843659463985743986534625098436982, you don’t go to 3892753065084365023497580943658924365436590843659463985743986534625098436983, you go to 3.1415926535897932384626433832795. So that is how old I am. But now for the blog fun.

Yesterday, my dad hit a deer. Wait no! The deer hit dad. I don’t like deer, they gave me 30 minutes less of screen time. But we went online to various different company’s until we just decided to go YOLO and risk driving it home. We safely made it home but are car looked ugly. Remember, blame it on the deer, and there is no downside to video games!


This is quite a random post, but I had to share my wisdom.


1. Gather lots and lots of paper
2. Get scissors and a pencil
3. Think of a story of someone getting locked in some creepy guys house
4. Make items out of paper to make the protagonist escape
5. Also make items out of paper to make the creepy guy catch the protagonist
6. Play

If you have two people (Including you) have one be the creepy guy and one be the protagonist

If you have three people (Including you) have one be the creepy guy and have two protagonists

If you have four people (Including you) have two creepy guys and two protagonists


This is my story that I made:


I am invited to this party at 666. It is a weird address but I guess that is just luck. I walk inside and the door locks behind me. I slowly recognize the house. It was the house of the creepy guy who kidnaps children. I knew I was the victim. I heard talking downstairs. I saw a slot for a keycard. “This is going to be harder than I thought.” I mumbled to myself. I searched the house for the keycard. Sure enough it was under the sofa. I picked it up and put it in the slot. Now I could go into the basement. I slowly creeped down the steps. I saw the person having a meeting with creepy guys. I peeked at his desk. There was plans to launch toxic gas. But right then he peeked at me. He plunged at me and put me in a cell.


I woke up in a dusty prison cell. I could reach out and type in a code. I had to find anything to help me escape the cell. After a minute of searching I found a piece of paper. It read:


I reached out at the password and typed in the code. I was free. I looked at the meeting area. There was nobody there, meaning the creepy guy was patrolling the house. I snuck to the stairs. I needed another keycard. I was searching for the card when I heard someone coming down the stairs. I rushed over to the closet, listening to my speedy heartbeat. After a minute the creepy guy left. I continued my search to find a keycard. I put it in the slot and I could enter the upper floor.


I opened up to the next floor. I wanted to access all the floors so I found the keycard for the upstairs. I entered the keycard to explore the upper floor. While I was exploring, I found a scrap of paper with another code.

Safe password:


(That is not my real combination so don’t even try) I remembered a safe in one of the abandoned rooms. I tried the password revealing a note. I heard the guy coming so I hid under the bed. I read the note.

I have been hiding under the beds and closets. I hope nobody ever has to live through my pain and is forced to stay in this crazy man’s home. If you are stuck in here, then this is where I hid my stuff, in the envelope labeled NZ.

I remember seeing an envelope on the kitchen counter. I picked it up and went under the bed. I decided to put everything I find up here and put it under the bed. I opened the envelope and saw a key and a weird ritual. I picked it up in amazement. But then I dropped it.

That is all I am going to give you in fear of you copying my entire story. But if you want me to continue in a future post then comment. (Speaking of that I need some more) But remember, there is no downside to video games!