I went on a plane and left there is no downside to video games. (Word Count: 14 words)

Yeah, even if I make this post twice as long as my other posts, It will still look small compared to yesterday’s. (It was 1500 something) I bet 45% of the millions of viewers (In my dreams) didn’t even read through the entire thing.

So I can’t just say blah blah blah over and over again to make it longer so let’s get into the last post about the vacation.

Time to go home. Nothing to worry about because I have the power of airplane life hacks. I learned from part one that somehow if you look out the window it is safer. WRONG! I peeked out the window to see that we were practically leaving the earth’s atmosphere.

It was such an “amazing” experience. We soon made it to Chicago to get to the last stop. We ordered food at a restaurant (There is no way I am going to share the name of the restaurant) and soon we got on our flight. As you can tell I was excited. We hopped on and that evening we landed at our final airport. We got off the plane and got on the final vehicle. A TAXI! We eventually got home, the first thing I did was jump on TERRARIA, (I missed it) but I also thought about how we completed our 6 parts at the airport, a RV, (Or an, try saying them both next to RV)a campsite, an ACTIVE VOLCANO, (Yellowstone) a town MILES AWAY FROM MY CITY, and another airport. I was home from all of that. Now time to start something new, like TERRARIA WITH DERPUS!

And that means… There is no downside to video games!



We were driving away from Yellowstone. I never got to see the thing I wanted but we would go back some time. I was playing a fidget spinner game I got last night because PVZ 2 Far Future Day 32 was SUPER HARD! When I got home I even used an old gift card to buy the most OP Plant in the game! After 1 Trillion fidget spinner dollars we made it to the most fancy hotel that we stayed in the whole two week trip.

I forgot what it was called but I remember taking tons of pictures of the cheesy moon. (Like it ACTUALLY was YELLOW) it wasn’t much. Or it seems when it is 12:00 and you see flying Cheetos all around it. It the next morning we went to the pool. It wasn’t cold, the indoor pool and outdoor pool were connected, and it was perfect for Marco-Polo! I loved it! But all amazingness had to end, and the part II of amazingness began! I rode some sort of contraption up a mountain, we hiked a mountain with a fancy restaurant at the top, I got new shoes, (Remember how small my shoes were in Part III) and I went Bungee jumping! But remember, the week there ended, and there is no downside to video games!


I had you waiting for a long time, but finally, part IV part II. YOU WILL FINALLY FINISH THE BLOG POST!

I mean, I can’t say FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY, over and over in a post so here is the actual thing: Ahh, the memories! Well, now time to make new ones. We trudged over to our weird huge motel type thing and went to sleep. KAPAM! I woke up to play PVZ 2! Once everyone woke up we went to the geyser Old Faithful.

We did this weird jr. ranger thing and I CRUSHED it and got the highest degree. (It was too easy) One time, we were driving our rented car (We traded in our RV at the village) And got a rented car. I forgot to mention we went to a different hotel at Yellowstone. (Not the super old inn. And I am sorry about the weird placement of this post) We saw other volcanic stuff while getting rotten egg vibes and eventually went to Jackson Hole. But that is for part V. So remember, there is no downside to video games!





BAM! I woke up at 2:00, And I was in the town from part II. We were FINALLY here. I was back in Wyoming. (Before I was in South Dakota) I had memories from the trip back. I was looking out the window. (And this trip was only 2 months from April, where THE TORNADO from the TORNADO + 5TH GRADE = I’M DONE) We had a chance to be driving right across the edge of tornado alley. Then came the chance of this guy.

Those puffy clouds turned into obese cumulonimbus clouds and HUGE amounts of rain MAKING OUR RV SWERVE AROUND THE ROAD! We thought we got hit hard but RIGHT AHEAD there was a TON of Precipitation. Also, mom said there was a “chance” of “light rain” ahead and later told me she was getting TORNADO WARNINGS! But since our RV was freaking out we went a “long cut.” It was like that for what seemed like an hour and eventually we emerged from the supercell. I love new memories! I wanted to put the other part in yellowstone in here but this is getting too long. I will probably make THE VACATION, PART IV PART II!

But remember, there is no downside to video games!


Okay, it is time for THE VACATION Part III. BAM I woke up staring at the ceiling (Or RV roof, WHAT IS IT CALLED) I realized I was the first one up so I checked out the campsite before my brother could wreck it. I put on my tight shoes and stepped into the grass.

It looked amazing! Like we went somewhere that is not the town center! I saw 357864354734574574652457654 other RV’s parked side by side. I went back in to play (Drumroll) Plants Vs Zombies! (Yay!) Eventually, the rest of my family (I mean the world) woke up. They were not used to the 2 hour difference but I could get used to living on mars without protective gear. (But no collar shirts)

We walked around the campsite and when we wanted breakfast we had PANCAKES! At a PANCAKE TENT! We had that for breakfast the rest of the campsite section of the trip. Later, after all these campsite activities, we went to MOUNT RUSHMORE

It looked smaller than I imagined but somehow bigger at the same time! We went to the campsite to do more stuff. Then we made a fire and COOKED SAUSAGES! Then we practically did the same stuff the next day. And then we had to leave the campsite. But remember, there is no downside to video games!


Welcome to part II of the series! Today I will be talking about the LONG drive in a camper. Yup, that’s right, A CAMPER! So I will talk about that soon enough. I bet you all are dying to hear the rest of the story so here it is: (Why is that how I intro my post EVERY SINGLE TIME) So the plane crashes into a mountain and ricochets to the nearby airport. Once we evacuate, we walk in relieved that we survived (Well, we didn’t crash, that was for your entertainment (: )

When we got into the airport we waited for 34983394839857204357 years, and a taxi came. I got on the expensive looking bus and drove to the small town. Eventually, we found our way to the RV rental area. “Hello, Blah blah I forgot” Said the owner. “Blah blah blah I also forgot” Said my parents. Then after a long talk and a bag of cheese its we got ourselves a rented RV. Once we got in we all said WOW A CAR THAT IS MORE THAN 1X2 METERS! After a small tour of the weird gadgets. We got in and started to fill it up with fuel. As you might have guessed, it needed a TON of fuel. So after 15 minutes waiting for the overweight RV to get full on fuel, we managed to get on the road. Once we left the town we couldn’t play video games because mom wanted us to look out the window, and I was fine with that.

These mountains where MUCH cooler that the small Apalations! But soon we drove past them in my amazing seat with a table. (Except I was next to my brother who has the manners of a kindergartener) I couldn’t play video games and we rolled into an area similar to the great plains.

Eventually, Mom looked outside and regranted us video games. So we played video games into the night. (I played PVZ, my brother played geometry dash LITE, and my sister played minecraft) Later, it was 10 PM and mom told us to sleep. So we slept on our beds. (I slept in the extra bed because my bed wasn’t safe for driving. But remember, there is no downside to video games!


After I stumbled out of a wobbly, unsafe, and scary ride in a metal tube, I walked into an airport in Colorado. I AM ALIVE I thought over and over in my head. I just surpassed 3 hours of American-Tubelines. We still have to complete the one and a half hour ride in another plane to Wyoming. But for now, we get to sleep in the airport hotel.

I woke up at about 10:00 or 11:00 because the 2 hour time difference. I looked out the window to see the city near Denmark. Nobody was awake at the time so I got on my IPad so I could play some of the old Plants Vs Zombies. (UGH, the severe levels where so hard) Eventually when everybody woke up, we went back to the Colorado Airport of doom.

Later, we got onto our flight. It was an old abandoned plane that probably fit 3 families. I got on next to dad. (I hate planes, especially ones that could crash in the first 10 minutes of the flight. I waited (In fear) for the plane to run down the runway and fly into certain death. 98379873297439274923874 minutes later, we were
gaining speed. Getting closer towards death. And before you know it… We were in the air.

Afterwards, I realized the mountains made it look like we were practically on the ground. I even managed to play some PVZ (Plants Vs Zombies) and the only reason I stopped was because the level was so hard. But we still made it to Wyoming. And I am going to leave it there. So I will make this a series of this until I go home. But remember, there is no downside to video games!