Today is Christmas at 9:47 PM. It was an exciting day. First, I woke up, my parents were asleep. On Christmas they sleep until one so we have to play Fortnite or something while we wait for them. I played Terraria, I don’t know if I told you this in a previous post but sometime in late winter I defeated the Moon Lord, (The final boss) in my brothers world. I got no loot. So this time I got loot. And using the duplication glitch I just learned by Derpus’ knowledge, I made 40 of his spawners. I finally got the Meowmere. So yeah, Terraria stuff over, mom woke up and we went downstairs. I look under the tree and throw a fit. “Mom! I wanted the presents to fill into the office like last year.” I didn’t really scream like that but that year that it happened was the best christmas literately ever. I went to my stockings like every year and opened the first gift. It was a Disney haunted mansion thing. I then proceeded to get cookies, a chocolate Santa, Vbucks, and yeah, a calculator.

Every year we eat breakfast after stockings and then go to Christmas tree presents. But this year we proceeded to the tree presents. I got a Fortnite book and shirt, books, an expansion to exploding kittens, more Vbucks (I now have $100 I could spend on Vbucks, my grandma gave 75%. But the highlight of the Christmas presents, a new spicy iPad. I even played a round of Fortnite on it! I died instantly because the screen is 5 times bigger than a phone. I cant take a picture of it because I am using it to type this post. Then me and my brother played exploding kittens since I have the second expansion. (I also have the first from 2 years ago so the deck is almost twice as big as it was originally. We then proceeded to my uncles house. We go to his house because his birthday is on Christmas. My siblings were spending most of their time with our cousin’s son. (I don’t know what that is called, nefew in law or second cousin) After we ate dinner, we played my brother’s new game Telestrations. I then tried to get my cousin’s 2 year old son into Fortnite. I had to take over and die to a dumb bot with full shield. In 8th place. At least he got sniped. An hour of talking later we had to pack up and go. We left to our house and I am now here. But remember, there is no downside to _____!

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