Blogs are hard.

I had a really good idea. I could make a cool challenge based of the bushes of fortnite.

(This picture is very old)

I failed. My last post was in October and now it’s december. Or more accurately, my last post was in season 6 and now it’s season 7. But I will post more. Now for your news briefing: I only play fortnite on weekends because I am in 7th grade. Fe4RLess has become my favorite YouTuber. I am also currently trying to re download Terraria. (You would know what that is if you read my blog 10 months ago) But there is one more thing I have to say. Subscribe to PewDiePie. He needs your help. PewDiePie is at war with T-Sieries and needs your help. This is the link to his Chanel. (PewDiePie) Memes aside. There is no upside to nobody reading your blog because you didn’t have time to post until winter break!

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