I was thinking about what I should
post today and I wanted to make a challenge. Not like the slice of life or slice of poetry, how about the slice of bush challenge! As with the slice of life challenge, there will be a picture I post at the bottom of it.

I decided to make the picture just a giant bush. Like this:

I will also add something to it everyday so after 31 days there will be so many bushes it will destroy the universe. I will do it until November 14th. The challenge will be everyday I will write a description of my day. So I have to write more than 187 words to write this:

Today I woke up. I couldn’t play Fortnite like I usually do in the morning because my parents REALY want me to practice piano more so I read a book like a smart kid. Around 9 I had to go to my little sisters birthday party at pump it up. I got in the car and we started driving. My brother was screaming the Ali-A intro at me so I started to feel sick. He stopped eventually at least.

We parked in front of Pump It Up we brought the cake inside. Actually, it was like 50 cupcakes. My sister invited everyone in her Girl Scouts, dance, kindergarden, and first grade so if we brought a cake each peace would be so small that they would half to spilt atoms into quarters. There where already about 15 kids in there so it was pretty packed. I just hung out with my brother. I was looking down until I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was my mom. She introduced me someone else my age. (He was in eighth grade but it’s only a year away) We sat on a bench to talk about ‘I just met someone now I half to ask him/her thousands of questions’ stuff. Eventually it was  10:30 and everyone got there. There where an  estimate of 30 kids in there. (28 to be exact) We watched a safety video (the rules are always the same) and we got in the main part. It was not very 7th gradey so we downloaded Drive ahead and played it until we went to room B. There was this area behind a bounce castle with an entire parkour course of boxes and unused items with about 10 balls and balloons. Afterwards we went on to room C. It was the pizza room. We had pizza and cupcakes and a piñata. I only had 3 pieces of candy because I gave most of it to the candy crazy first graders that filled their entire bag. That was where everyone left including us. We drove home and pulled out all of my sisters presents. At birthday party’s each kid gets a present. (It always works like that) So when I turned 10 I had 2 presents from my friends. (An amazon gift card for V-BUCKS!!!!!) My sisiter got 30. While she was opening her 692.916 X 10^1000th present, my friend came over. We played Fortnite and played games outside. At 7 he left and now I’m here. So remember to smash that like button, subscribe, and turn on notifications for more videos! Peace!

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