I then had to go to [Friend from the 3rd grade book post]’s house for a birthday party.




We are now on the second event on the timeline.


|- Unknown: The Big Bang



|- Monday: TORNADO


|- Friday: Notebook Injury




|- Saturday: Lake Anna


|- Sunday: Piano Recital



|- Doomsday: The End of The World


So now we are at the Zavazone post. They are both on friday So they come right after another. So let’s get into the post:


I walked to (I am going to refer to my friend as Mr. Fortnite for the post) Mr. Fortnite’s house. I crouched behind the bushes near his house so I can surprise him. One minute later Mr. Fortnite walked to his house he hopped up to the front door without noticing me until I snickered. He noticed and stood there for a minute. I went inside to play Fortnite until the pizza came. I ate the pizza and went to Zava Zone. We walked inside and started with something called the challenge. It is where you do parkour across the ceiling. But don’t worry, if you fall they will find you later and clean up the blood. (Just kidding, they put you in strict safety gear) I decided to rank the challenges with this grading scale. Trival, Easy, Medium, Hard, Very Hard, and Impoppable.

That was a reference to Bloons Monkey City. CURRENT STANDINGS:


Derpus (Lvl 14)

Me (Lvl 13)

Corney (Lvl 7)

That was the last time I checked.


But now for the ratings map:


[Sorry, I could not find ANYTHING on safari, (Finding what I want on safari: Impoppable)]


But after that we did absolutely everything else. Sorry if this was not long but remember, there is no downside to video games!

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