Sorry, I tried to post about it earlier but the keyboard on my iPad broke so I am writing this on my iPhone. (iOS forever) And also, caution: if you are allergic to ridiculously strange injuries, then I recommend you skip this post.


I was in my English class. I was being dumb and chewing on my notebook. (But I am not naturally dumb: 3.1415926535) My English teacher Mrs. Haseltine was taking attendance. (Your Story Matters) When she called on Bart (Bart) something Unidentified happened. My lip started hurting badly. I was smart enough to hold my notebook in

place while I was oofing. (Roblox death sound reference, I really was just owing) At first Mrs. Haseltine thought I was being disruptive but then she realized I was in pain and sent me to the nurse. 5th shoutout to my escorts, Derpus and Corney (Too many links to blogs and I already gave their blog a link about 5 times) Mrs. Haseltine gave us a pass to go on the school elevator. (I have no idea why but I am not complaining) We were walking to the nurse when first lunch spilled out. Thankfully [Someone who might not want their name in public] was the only person that saw before I hid my notebook. I got into the nurses office and we explained to the nurse what happened. She thought it was the craziest thing she saw in her life. And I don’t blame her, you expect her to see someone walk in that turned into a McDonald’s french fry? I will now show a picture.


*//ERROR~909<Image is disturbing*///


Eventually Corney and Derpus had to go to Lunch and I waited for 9.7 billion hours. Eventually, my mom came to pick me up. She drove me to the emergency room with this question in her mind. How is she supposed to pick up my brother and his friend for their ‘play date’ when she was in the emergency room. My suggestion was that she should abandon me so when I am done I can play Monkey City. {Current standings:

First place: Derpus (Lvl 12)

Second place Me (Lvl 11)

Third place Corney (Lvl 5)

Inform me if I am wrong}

We decided that mom should stay because we would have enough time left. The doctors came in. First, they cut off my notebook (The spine was still stuck to my face), then, they numbed me, third, they pulled the spine out. I was good to go. Mom signed out or whatever grown ups do while I heard the wayfair ad. We left the hospital and went home. I then had to go to [Friend from the 3rd grade book post]’s house for a birthday party. And that will be the next post! But remember, the next few posts will be in a timeline.


|- Unknown: The Big Bang



|- Monday: TORNADO




|- Friday: Zava Zone


|- Saturday: Lake Anna


|- Sunday: Piano Recital



|- Doomsday: The End of The World


But remember, there is no downside to video games!

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