I have completely run out of content. I need ideas. I only have half a vote for the stories category. I might just do it anyway if I don’t get any votes by the 25th. The good news that I will give is that I am 100% back into The Terrarian. I will do the next post when I get to pg. 35 and I am on page 30. There is nothing interesting going on. Oh yeah! There was a three hour SOL today. I am going to talk about that.


We made it to school. I went to the gym just as normal. When they let us out of the holding area I went to my locker. I went to band as normal but I could only bring a book and a pencil. They did attendance and let me go to our testing area. My testing area was in Derpus’s history teachers room. She gave us the 5 hour lecture on how to open a laptop. We typed in our password which was as random as dudh8264hdhrheibd83647393837jdjdkdhfh8274837364. We started the reading SOL. I finished the test about two hours later. Giving me a FULL hour to read. I’m glad I got that time, without it I would never have known that Eryn and Nick are special people. But then we did the second half of the day normally. Then we went home and played Super Mario Odyssey. (Five stars to that game) The end of part one.




I also remembered there was a TORNADO at swimming yesterday. Another post! But remember, there is no downside to video games!

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