∼…Then, Mr. Floss got up Mt. Floss. He flossed in excitement after defeating Mr. Moonwalk…


That could actually be some of a potential post.



December 13 8573


That is actually how I do my posts. I write the title in all caps and write the date under it.

There, now that we got that out of the way, let’s get into the post, I am introducing a new category, it is called STORIES. It is your decision though. Do you want me to tell stories of Mr. Floss and Fugumonkeyhappymcdonaldlickingmyelbowandiwantsaladfortherestofmylife man. It will be interesting. But I want to see answers if you want my stories. They will have time travel in them and stuff. But I am going to take the fat person Poem and continue it into the story if you want it. So I will introduce it if three people want it and nobody doesn’t, Be honest. But remember, there is no downside to video games!

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