It really is sad. At the end of the school year our blog will never have a new post again. I don’t like that. There must be a way to save this blog. I never use emojis during posts except if someone comments an emoji so here is a sad face. ): Now  pretend it is surrounded by a yellow circle. My blog will be canceled on June 6, one month from now. I am now going to cry in the corner.


Just kidding! We need ways to save my blog! Let’s brainstorm. Ok, this is what I came up with:


What we need:


A cardboard box

A fish bowl

A phone

A McDonalds

A needle

An impulse grenade



What you need to do:

Tie a cardboard box together with string

Then, put your phone in your pocket

After that, put on your fishbowl on your head

Next, tie balloons to your creation

You should fly to space

When you are hungry order McDonalds

You should fly into a wormhole

Now you are in the past

Use the needle to pop the balloons

You should fall to earth

Throw your impulse grenade

Now you use the phone to update your blog

There, just repeat that every time you get to June



There is no gravity in space

A fish bowl might not protect you

You probably won’t go through a wormhole

If there is space gravity you might not fall to earth

I don’t think 10 balloons will lift a McDonalds


So yeah, best plan in the world! Now I will ask Derpus about it.


“Our blogs won’t die in a month.”


He is right, they will go in 32 days. But remember, there is no downside to video games!

2 thoughts on “MY BLOG WILL DIE IN A MONTH

  1. LCPS blogs only dies if no one posts again in it, if enough people keep posting, and enough people keep reading our blog posts, then we won’t be dead at all. In fact, Your Story Matters could become IMMORTAL. So if we keep posting we can keep the blog of Mrs. Haseltine’s sixth grade classes alive.

  2. You keep the blog, you know. You don’t lose it, it goes FREE! Also, I don’t think 10 balloons will lift a Mcdonalds either. Probably a few quintillion will. So funny though!

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