This is a true story, Keep in mind that we are noobs, and enjoy the show!


Ring! Yelled my iPad. Derpus was calling me. He asked if I wanted to play fortnite and said “No, I want to play McDonald’s role play” (Just kidding) I got on the server and got the squad ready. “Where we dropping boys!” I yelled over the mic. I didn’t listen to Derpus’s and his brother’s ideas because I knew we would land at tilted towers. (Yes, Dusty Depot sacrifices itself, now it is 50 times cooler)




We launched off the battle bus and landed on random buildings (Not together) I looted the house I was in. (Surprisingly, nobody was in the house even though we were in TILTED TOWERS) I heard a chest so I naturally went towards it. When I was right in front of the door I heard it get looted. I knew it was someone so I blasted through the door and attacked him. I shot him with a tactical a few times but it did nothing! I knew I was standing in front of a hacker. He threw sticky grenades at me but they did nothing. I then noticed I reunited with Derpus. We got out our farthest range gun and sniped from the balcony. We got 0 kills because the lack of noobier noobs running through the street. Eventually, someone sniped Derpus when he was crouching. Which he thought was insane.




We eventually abandoned the building and went to the one Derpus’s brother was in. But then we came in contact with someone with an… RPG! (Dun dun duuuun) Derpus’s brother was well out of the house. He was attacking the attacker. I was at 7 health with no shield or bandages so I was hiding behind an electric thing. The attacker I am going to call John Wick (I don’t know what skin it is and nobody has the Omega yet so I will call him John Wick) missed Derpus but hit me. I was on the floor. We still had hope. When Derpus was sniped I healed him so if he returned the favor I would have hope. But then they both died so I was left on the floor. The rest of the John squad came and finished me off. Then I knew to always land at Tilted Towers. THE END! But remember, there is no downside to video games!

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  1. Maybe it’s just my warped thinking, but shouldn’t the moral of the story be to NOT land at tilted towers? I’m a little confused

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