There is no more events, during the most of February we were going down the THANK YOU DERPUS post. Then in March we did the SOL challenge, and then came the poetry challenge in April. But now we are FINALLY back to normal blogging. I even took a one day break.

Now you can enjoy normal blogging from me FOR ONCE! But this post is short. I need to produce more content then this! But there is not much interesting things going on other than May the 4th be with you. I have something to tell you though, from my birthday post, my Dad did NOTHING wrong. That was the 2nd time he crashed EVER and the first one was in his late teens. (Around 16 or 17 or 3.1415926) So he is a good person and is very successful. Make sure you keep your old opinion of him. But now that that’s out of the way, let’s do THE FAT PERSON POEM!


He grabbed his trusty Terra blade
And went to Walmart
“I would like a foam sword” The fat person asked
“That would be one Terra blade” Responded the cashier
They made the trade
The fat person went home to get ready


The fat person crashed out of his house
Covered in toy supplies
Now all he needed was a food source
He went to McDonalds
The fat person ordered Trillions of Big Macs
He spent three trillion dollars
He was ready
The fat person had to find Dr. Dienfosneideidmeodmdoyouknowdewae
So he found a base the size of a planet
It read “not Dr. Dienfosneideidmeodmdoyouknowdewae’s base
The fat person knew that was not his destination
Then next to it he saw a floating shack in space
The fat person was certain that was it
He thanked Google Universe
He ran towards NASA
But he got on a crane
Because he almost had no legs
But he made it to NASA
They were going to launch to Mars
Once the fat person got on he saw a sight
The fat person from the past getting on


But remember, there is no downside to video games!

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