I went on a plane and left there is no downside to video games. (Word Count: 14 words)

Yeah, even if I make this post twice as long as my other posts, It will still look small compared to yesterday’s. (It was 1500 something) I bet 45% of the millions of viewers (In my dreams) didn’t even read through the entire thing.

So I can’t just say blah blah blah over and over again to make it longer so let’s get into the last post about the vacation.

Time to go home. Nothing to worry about because I have the power of airplane life hacks. I learned from part one that somehow if you look out the window it is safer. WRONG! I peeked out the window to see that we were practically leaving the earth’s atmosphere.

It was such an “amazing” experience. We soon made it to Chicago to get to the last stop. We ordered food at a restaurant (There is no way I am going to share the name of the restaurant) and soon we got on our flight. As you can tell I was excited. We hopped on and that evening we landed at our final airport. We got off the plane and got on the final vehicle. A TAXI! We eventually got home, the first thing I did was jump on TERRARIA, (I missed it) but I also thought about how we completed our 6 parts at the airport, a RV, (Or an, try saying them both next to RV)a campsite, an ACTIVE VOLCANO, (Yellowstone) a town MILES AWAY FROM MY CITY, and another airport. I was home from all of that. Now time to start something new, like TERRARIA WITH DERPUS!

And that means… There is no downside to video games!


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