We were driving away from Yellowstone. I never got to see the thing I wanted but we would go back some time. I was playing a fidget spinner game I got last night because PVZ 2 Far Future Day 32 was SUPER HARD! When I got home I even used an old gift card to buy the most OP Plant in the game! After 1 Trillion fidget spinner dollars we made it to the most fancy hotel that we stayed in the whole two week trip.

I forgot what it was called but I remember taking tons of pictures of the cheesy moon. (Like it ACTUALLY was YELLOW) it wasn’t much. Or it seems when it is 12:00 and you see flying Cheetos all around it. It the next morning we went to the pool. It wasn’t cold, the indoor pool and outdoor pool were connected, and it was perfect for Marco-Polo! I loved it! But all amazingness had to end, and the part II of amazingness began! I rode some sort of contraption up a mountain, we hiked a mountain with a fancy restaurant at the top, I got new shoes, (Remember how small my shoes were in Part III) and I went Bungee jumping! But remember, the week there ended, and there is no downside to video games!

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