Yes! I woke up early enough! I can watch DanTDM play Subnautica before I go to school! I look and see I have to put on my ROCK PANTS!

It took me an hour of looking at them in… Ugh! I thought back at what I did wrong. I knew when I walked out of the House death would crawl out eof my pants and force me to eat broccoli to death. My mom STILL picks out my clothes, a TON of kids would like that but I am about to write the next Declaration of Independence. Oh yeah! That is what I am going to do right now!

That took out a ton of my time! But it is helpful! But back to the morning. The rest of my morning was fine but I missed the bus! I hate when the bus comes milliseconds before I do. (About a 3 or 4 millisecond difference) So i waddled home and got driven to school. (Dad gets credit and here it is: He is a good person and my brother should stop pretending to hate him) But after school is SPRING BREAK! And all through spring break I will be playing Fortnite, so that means… THERE IS NO DOWNSIDE TO VIDEO GAMES!

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