I had you waiting for a long time, but finally, part IV part II. YOU WILL FINALLY FINISH THE BLOG POST!

I mean, I can’t say FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY, over and over in a post so here is the actual thing: Ahh, the memories! Well, now time to make new ones. We trudged over to our weird huge motel type thing and went to sleep. KAPAM! I woke up to play PVZ 2! Once everyone woke up we went to the geyser Old Faithful.

We did this weird jr. ranger thing and I CRUSHED it and got the highest degree. (It was too easy) One time, we were driving our rented car (We traded in our RV at the village) And got a rented car. I forgot to mention we went to a different hotel at Yellowstone. (Not the super old inn. And I am sorry about the weird placement of this post) We saw other volcanic stuff while getting rotten egg vibes and eventually went to Jackson Hole. But that is for part V. So remember, there is no downside to video games!




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