Welcome to the post about my early years, in kindergarten! It was a year about me being completely stupid and NEVER understood stuff. This post might not all be true because my memory of 5th grade is bright but my memory of kindergarten is not. Here is my story: Mom told me that I am going to a school with a labrador as the mascot. I didn’t understand so I thought I would be going to a school full of dogs.

I then played with legos despite I didn’t know how to build anything. I built a house that was always breaking apart. My brother who was currently in pre school had a suggestion: wHY d0n+ yoU m4K3 sUmF1NG WilLiE sM4lL, d3N 1t WoNT F4LL APaRt. Even then I screamed NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!

I did my awkward daily schedule and soon enough came the first day at Anti Henry Organization- I mean Elementary School! I still don’t remember what my mom really said but it sounded to me like sit next to Derpus. So I sat right next to Derpus. I was glad I interpreted it like that because without it I would be playing Fortnite Duo with him! I will add a part II to this probably but I have a mission for you, comment ideas for my book once I post my first post about it! I also need you to remember 2 things. Keep the ideas Terraria like so I CAN implement them, and the other thing is: There is no downside to video games!

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