BAM! I woke up at 2:00, And I was in the town from part II. We were FINALLY here. I was back in Wyoming. (Before I was in South Dakota) I had memories from the trip back. I was looking out the window. (And this trip was only 2 months from April, where THE TORNADO from the TORNADO + 5TH GRADE = I’M DONE) We had a chance to be driving right across the edge of tornado alley. Then came the chance of this guy.

Those puffy clouds turned into obese cumulonimbus clouds and HUGE amounts of rain MAKING OUR RV SWERVE AROUND THE ROAD! We thought we got hit hard but RIGHT AHEAD there was a TON of Precipitation. Also, mom said there was a “chance” of “light rain” ahead and later told me she was getting TORNADO WARNINGS! But since our RV was freaking out we went a “long cut.” It was like that for what seemed like an hour and eventually we emerged from the supercell. I love new memories! I wanted to put the other part in yellowstone in here but this is getting too long. I will probably make THE VACATION, PART IV PART II!

But remember, there is no downside to video games!

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