Today in school there was a walkout to honor the 17 people who were killed in Florida. It was so weird! Right when everyone left Mr. [Teacher’s] class I knew I HAD to write a post about it. So this is my experience: I was writing yesterday’s blog post (I AM ON A CAMPSITE) and my mom said to come downstairs.

Mrs. [Principal] said to not go on a walkout and I had NO IDEA what that was. She told me that it was when people just leave school. I was convinced not to do it so I obviously didn’t. I then went back to posting my AMAZING POST!

The next day, I was in science and while me and Spooder pig (His Blog) Where doing a science project, someone was screaming ONE MINUTE WARNING, ONE MINUTE WARNING! And me and Spooder Pig were nowhere near finishing our project. Then one minute later, Mr. [Teacher] was telling people that there is the walkout and everyone left. I asked what was going on and it was about yesterday’s email. I couldn’t believe that every time I hear about the murder In Florida it always got more intense. But remember, there is no downside to video games!

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