Okay, it is time for THE VACATION Part III. BAM I woke up staring at the ceiling (Or RV roof, WHAT IS IT CALLED) I realized I was the first one up so I checked out the campsite before my brother could wreck it. I put on my tight shoes and stepped into the grass.

It looked amazing! Like we went somewhere that is not the town center! I saw 357864354734574574652457654 other RV’s parked side by side. I went back in to play (Drumroll) Plants Vs Zombies! (Yay!) Eventually, the rest of my family (I mean the world) woke up. They were not used to the 2 hour difference but I could get used to living on mars without protective gear. (But no collar shirts)

We walked around the campsite and when we wanted breakfast we had PANCAKES! At a PANCAKE TENT! We had that for breakfast the rest of the campsite section of the trip. Later, after all these campsite activities, we went to MOUNT RUSHMORE

It looked smaller than I imagined but somehow bigger at the same time! We went to the campsite to do more stuff. Then we made a fire and COOKED SAUSAGES! Then we practically did the same stuff the next day. And then we had to leave the campsite. But remember, there is no downside to video games!

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