I am dieing! I cannot keep waiting for the book thing! But I am only 4 pages in! I am trying to write it whenever I have free time but that is NOT ENOUGH! So I will just give you a sneak peek at the Terraria story: The Terrarian, Mission Purification. (The first one) So here is the SNEAKY PEEK OF ALL SNEAKY PEEKS (I need to reference the anything of all anythings more) Enjoy:

There was once some scary guy named Cthulhu who attempted to spread Crimson and Corruption across the entire world but the GOOD GUYS STOPPED HIM (YEAH) So the gov’t decided to send him to the planet TERRARIA! (Terraria fans beware) But the gov’t forgot they sent 22 COLONISTS THERE (The Terraria NPCs) So they wanted to RESCUE THEM FOR SAFETY REASONS (Where did that come from???) Meaning they had to send Eric Gestar to the planet to SAVE THE COLONISTS and DEFEAT CTHULHU! (Meaning you have to defeat all the bosses, even DUKE FISHRON and KING SLIME, the most useless bosses in the game)

Here is where I currently am in the book: Eric is learning how useful the guide is. HE IS LEARNING WHAT A TORCH IS USED FOR! It is hard to write a WHOLE SERIES without support though. I mean, with my 3rd grade books I just wrote about [Ends] and [The other ones.] But remember, there is no downside to video games!

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  1. The king slime isn’t that useless, it really helped me take down the eye of cthulu when I was a nub, and the razor blade you get from fishron is the only way for a mage to beat the pillars. ( Yes I have beaten them.)

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