I almost found de wae today. I couldn’t believe my neighborhood said no to me. My plan was to go around all the big roads I was not aloud to go across. I then realised my neighborhood was surrounded by highways (I was riding my bike by the way) Also, it took SO LONG that my dad rode his bike up to me. He thought I was trying to run away so he TRACKED me on my g1sM0 G4Dg3t.

It was so disappointing! My house is surrounded by overloaded highways, so I am trapped! I came home to write this post but my fingers were moving SO SLOWLY! It was SO COLD! and the reason I was riding my bike was because I lost electronics for not joining my sister on R0bl0x. I mean, she was playing h1GH SK0ol PR1NS3sS SiMUL4T3r, so it is not like I wouldn’t rather just write my book.

My dad said there was tunnels under the road but I don’t know how to get there. The only tunnel under the road I know how to get to you have to cross a highway to get there but that defeats the purpose. But remember, there is no downside to video games!

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