Yup, it ended. The series of 5th grade is already over. DON’T WORRY I AM NOT DEAD YET! I just don’t know what else to say. So there is only one series left and it is the one out west. And it should last longer than the 5th grade one because it is 2 WEEKS! (And the getting there days) And so far we are on day 4! So we have exactly 4 left.

So there is also a series I will start by the end of march. Every time I get 10 comments I will read them and respond to them. You also know I will update you on my super breath taking, Terraria story. But I cannot just have a post about that because it has to be about my life. So I will talk about recent times. Like my deadly sore throat of doomsday. I cannot have good nights sleep under my rock. I cannot live like that! There is no way you can either. My brother said it does not hurt so I gave him a FIRE ROAST! (Okay, I just said he was dumb and he was a liar)

So if you are not dying of “Neck Disease” There is no downside to video games!

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