Welcome to part II of the series! Today I will be talking about the LONG drive in a camper. Yup, that’s right, A CAMPER! So I will talk about that soon enough. I bet you all are dying to hear the rest of the story so here it is: (Why is that how I intro my post EVERY SINGLE TIME) So the plane crashes into a mountain and ricochets to the nearby airport. Once we evacuate, we walk in relieved that we survived (Well, we didn’t crash, that was for your entertainment (: )

When we got into the airport we waited for 34983394839857204357 years, and a taxi came. I got on the expensive looking bus and drove to the small town. Eventually, we found our way to the RV rental area. “Hello, Blah blah I forgot” Said the owner. “Blah blah blah I also forgot” Said my parents. Then after a long talk and a bag of cheese its we got ourselves a rented RV. Once we got in we all said WOW A CAR THAT IS MORE THAN 1X2 METERS! After a small tour of the weird gadgets. We got in and started to fill it up with fuel. As you might have guessed, it needed a TON of fuel. So after 15 minutes waiting for the overweight RV to get full on fuel, we managed to get on the road. Once we left the town we couldn’t play video games because mom wanted us to look out the window, and I was fine with that.

These mountains where MUCH cooler that the small Apalations! But soon we drove past them in my amazing seat with a table. (Except I was next to my brother who has the manners of a kindergartener) I couldn’t play video games and we rolled into an area similar to the great plains.

Eventually, Mom looked outside and regranted us video games. So we played video games into the night. (I played PVZ, my brother played geometry dash LITE, and my sister played minecraft) Later, it was 10 PM and mom told us to sleep. So we slept on our beds. (I slept in the extra bed because my bed wasn’t safe for driving. But remember, there is no downside to video games!

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