After I stumbled out of a wobbly, unsafe, and scary ride in a metal tube, I walked into an airport in Colorado. I AM ALIVE I thought over and over in my head. I just surpassed 3 hours of American-Tubelines. We still have to complete the one and a half hour ride in another plane to Wyoming. But for now, we get to sleep in the airport hotel.

I woke up at about 10:00 or 11:00 because the 2 hour time difference. I looked out the window to see the city near Denmark. Nobody was awake at the time so I got on my IPad so I could play some of the old Plants Vs Zombies. (UGH, the severe levels where so hard) Eventually when everybody woke up, we went back to the Colorado Airport of doom.

Later, we got onto our flight. It was an old abandoned plane that probably fit 3 families. I got on next to dad. (I hate planes, especially ones that could crash in the first 10 minutes of the flight. I waited (In fear) for the plane to run down the runway and fly into certain death. 98379873297439274923874 minutes later, we were
gaining speed. Getting closer towards death. And before you know it… We were in the air.

Afterwards, I realized the mountains made it look like we were practically on the ground. I even managed to play some PVZ (Plants Vs Zombies) and the only reason I stopped was because the level was so hard. But we still made it to Wyoming. And I am going to leave it there. So I will make this a series of this until I go home. But remember, there is no downside to video games!


  1. Did you know that you’re actually more likely to die in a car crash than die in a plane crash or even be in a plane crash? Anyway the farthest place I went from here (Besides India) was Montreal Canada or Cancun Mexico.

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