The best time of day is LUNCH, lunch is so good and yummy. Especially if you have your moms double chocolate chip cookies all soft and the chocolate is all gooey. SNAP OUT OF IT!!! Oops lets get back to talking about lunch not your moms double chocolate chip cookies, YUM! Lunch is so good and yummy, great now i’m getting hungry. I was already hungry enough but now I just need to eat, eat, eat. The time is ticking very slowly only 20 more minutes to go. I get to buy lunch today I hope it is yummy, I hope I have enough money. Time is going slow, 17 minutes to go. I can’t wait for lunch, I sit with a bunch! Well I have to go I will try and tell you how it was!

Signing out for now,                                                                                                                                                                                               Georgia:)

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