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The Sea

I love the sea
It makes me so happy

So beautiful and big
I love to go into the sand and dig

Making sand castles is a blast
I’ve made big ones in the past

To feel sand in between my toes
And the way the ocean just flows

There’s something about the beach I love
The beach is something I will never get sick of


Oreos are the best food ever
Whoever made oreos are very clever

I can eat them all day long
Whoever hasn’t tried one is living life wrong

I love both the cookie and the cream
Them together are the dream

If there’s oreos in my sight
I’ll eat them with delight

My mom says there unhealthy
But that’s ok I’ll just be stealthy

This is making my mouth water so much
Oreos just has that special touch

Summer Come Back!

I want the summer back please
Look in the lake, there are no more geese

No more of this cold
It’s getting annoying and old

I’m ok with walking in the heat
C’mon winter, summers got you beat!

Summer o’ summer please come back
No more cold or I’ll have a heart attack!

I’ve gotten a cold twice
And the water still has a layer of ice!

So please let the ice melt
Stop the cold so the flowers don’t welt

Summer please come back right now
So when I look in the streets I don’t so someone with a snowplow!


Rain rain please go away
You make the sky all cloudy and grey

You make hair all straight and flat
When you thunder you scare my cat

You make it so I can’t go outside
You make the streets look like high tide

Rain so please cooperate
And start heading straight down thata way


So the day has finally come……I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO WRITE ABOUT!!! My teacher said everyone has a blog post about not knowing what to write about. I started my blog February 2nd 2018 and I haven’t had a post about not knowing what to write about! I was so proud that I never wrote a blog post with no idea what I was doing. I didn’t think this day would ever come!! WAIT!!!! I technically have never had a blog post about not knowing what to write about because I planned this out before I wrote it!!! HAHAH NOT TODAY BLOG!!! SEE YOU LATER GUYS STUDENT GONE! >:3

Sunny Day

Sunny day sunny day
Please I want to go out and play

I don’t want any of this rain
Oh please don’t make me take the train

I wanted to walk through town
But now you have me feeling down

I wanted to feel the sun on my back
It’s been raining forever cut me some slack!

Sunny day sunny day please I want to go out and play!


Hi guys! I haven’t done a normal blog in what feels like forever! In my english class usually for every month we do a different type of writing that has to be posted by Friday. I try to make sure I have enough of whatever type of writing we are doing that month. I get so distracted by writing and planning that I don’t even tell stories and post when I feel like it! For the month of April our type of writing was poetry! I really loved to rhyme and thinking about what to make the poems about. I got so caught up in poems that I may or may not have poetry scheduled to go up until June…..hope you like poetry! I have it scheduled so every Friday a new poem will be posted! I have it scheduled like that until June. But don’t worry that’s not all that will be posted every week! I will try to post stories and updates as soon as possible! Well, hope you enjoyed! Student signing out! <3


I love my food
Food puts me in a good mood

When I’m feeling down
I go to the store in to town

When I go pick up my food
It changes my attitude

Food never leave me
because then I will be the happiest I can be


I want a pet
But I haven’t found one yet

There’s no perfect one
The stress to choose one is a ton

There are cats
But most of them are fat

There are dogs
But i’d have to walk it in the smog

There are bunnies
But their teeth are kind of funny

Maybe I shouldn’t choose one yet
But soon i’ll find the perfect pet


So one of my BEST FRIENDS Sharpies, Pens, and everything else is having a birthday! April 20th!! So A little Dream and I decided to surprise her. Yesterday I went to little Dream’s house with a bag of jolly ranchers!! At her house we made a birthday poem and got a tiny box filled with jolly ranchers! So then today before our 5-6 block started, A Little Dream stopped by my locker with the poem and present. We have English with Sharpies, Pen, and everything else so we thought this would be the perfect time to give her her present and poem! When she walked in the door we waited a little bit to give Sharpies, Pens, and everything else her gifts. Then…WE STRIKE! We give her, her poem and gifts and I record her reaction. Afterwards she gives us a big hug!! So, Sharpies, Pens, and Everything else if your reading this we love you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!